Is CRE safe in the cloud?

Hold-man-yells-at-cloud-386202-edited.jpgard drives and USB drives are going the way of cassettes and CD players. Everything is in the cloud now. Documents in Google Drive and Dropbox, streaming music on Spotify and Pandora, lists and software and data are available wherever you can access the internet.

Commercial real estate is slowing catching up with the latest technology, and the cloud is no different. Yet, many brokers are still concerned about the security of their data.

Wait, what is the cloud again?

Simply put, the cloud is the internet. It allows for the storage of and access to data without having to rely on a physical drive, making it a cheap and reliable way to backup and maintain information ranging from emails to photos and more.

Myths and facts about cloud-based storage

Let’s start with a few common misconceptions.

  1. Data is not secure in the cloud.
  2. The cloud is more work in the long run.
  3. Cloud services are just a fad.

All of these statements are false. Companies that offer services in the cloud are in the business of making sure your data is safe and secure, and have techniques beyond passwords and encryption (though those are there, too) to keep it that way.

As with all technologies, the complete benefits of cloud-based tools are realized only when they are fully embraced by the team. Fortunately, moving business functions to the cloud is often easier and cheaper than it is with other software, as there is less cumbersome installation. And with fewer updates, it’s easier to maintain.

It also provides more flexibility and collaboration, as users can access up-to-date information in the cloud from anywhere. This is particularly important for commercial real estate brokers, as they’re not tied to their desks all day.

The cloud will only become more prevalent (and sophisticated) in the days and years to come. If you haven’t embraced it yet, it’s time you start.

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