Top 5 blog posts from the year

Goodbye to 2016! We hope that you had a good year and that you're ready for everything 2017 has in store. For our last post of the year, we wanted to share our five most popular blogs (just in case you missed them).

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Apto and Outlook—what you need to know

We hope you enjoy reading the Apto blog for industry best practices and insights on CRE tech. Every now and then, though, we like to answer some FAQs from our customers and introduce you to some important Apto features.

For example, a good CRM promises to help you build stronger relationships and become more efficient in general. But how does it work?

Start with email integration

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[Video] Our favorite Apto features: Listings Activity Report

When you’re working a deal, how do you communicate your progress to clients? Do you have reports, status calls, visuals of some kind?

Apto can make all that a lot easier. Product Manager Christian Bellofatto explains how.

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Apto in the news

We wanted to take a break from CRE news and tech tips to give you some background on what’s going on with our company. Apto is made up of smart, hardworking people who want to make commercial real estate better, and we’re proud to have been featured in the press a bit lately.

Read on to get to know the company and people behind the tech.

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ICYMI: New (free) ebook on CRM for commercial real estate

We’re excited to announce and share our latest ebook, A Practical Guide to CRM for Commercial Real Estate.

Obviously we’re a bit biased, but we really tried to provide some concrete, objective guidance on how to navigate the the CRE tech world. Whether you’re still learning about CRM, evaluating your options, or in the process of purchasing, we hope this guide provides some useful information.

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Our favorite Apto features you might not know about: Contact relationships

Let’s say you’re getting ready to pitch a new client. There’s a lot of prep work to be done and potentially some politics to navigate.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out whether any of your colleagues have had dealings with the company? Maybe Janice down the hall is in Rotary Club with your main point of contact. Or maybe Bob lost a deal with them two years ago and can tell you why that went off the rails. Any bit of additional information on the company’s culture, needs and situation can give you an edge.

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No one cares about (y)our potential

When I was first presented with the opportunity to work for Apto, I was living in Palo Alto, working for an ad tech startup. I asked my neighbor for advice on whether or not to take the job—he’d been in the the software industry for years, after all. (And if you are at all familiar with Palo Alto, just picture the person you think lives there. Drives a Tesla, hasn't worked in years, lives in a 3,000-square-foot house that cost $6 million. That guy.)

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Apto is hiring

Here at Apto, we aspire to transform commercial real estate with technology and make our customers’ lives easier. To achieve this, we're building a company that delivers an extraordinary product with exceptional service—but we need your help.

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Apto Named One of Top 5 Best Real Estate Mobile Apps of 2015

We’re excited to announce that we were voted one of 5 Best Real Estate Mobile Apps of 2015 by Real Estate Tech News!

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Apto's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

The year is almost over, and we wanted to bring you some holiday cheer with Apto's most popular blog posts of the year! Without further adieu, here are the top five:

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