Get inspired by 5 of our favorite TED Talks for CRE brokers

Tired, burned out, or otherwise worn down by the daily grind? Been there.

In the struggle to find new clients, tour properties, toil over paperwork and close the &%$(@* deal, it’s sometimes easy to forget what you drew you to the business in the first place.

Take a quick break with one (or five) of these TED talks. They’re all at least tangentially related to commercial real estate, and they can help you step back and gain a fresh perspective on the communities and professional environment you’re part of.

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The broker's guide to working with startups [Guest post: Stefan Bhagwandin]

Startup clients are the oddballs of commercial real estate. They generally don't have a deep knowledge of the local real estate market since their specialty lies elsewhere, but they do potentially have recently earned venture cash to spend on a desirable work space. New York City startups, for example, saw $1.9B in VC investment in the first quarter of 2016.

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Part 2: Should you fire your client?

6773908365_807cbb6d3d_o.jpgOur recent blog post on deciding whether or not to fire a difficult client really resonated with our readers. It’s one of our most popular posts from the year so far, and we were thrilled that some of you wrote in to tell us about your experiences.

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[Case Study] Aron Susman | TheSquareFoot

TheSquareFoot is a technology enabled commercial real estate brokerage serving the space needs of businesses across the country. Businesses can search for office space and then connect with TheSquareFoot’s brokerage team to tour spaces, get questions answered, and walk through the leasing process.

Each broker at TheSquareFoot is working with 15-20 clients at any given time so they knew right away they needed a powerful CRM to organize data and keep track of deals. TheSquareFoot has been using Apto since 2013, and I recently had the opportunity to speak with Aron Susman, the company’s Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer, about how Apto is used in their brokerage business.

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[Case Study] Justin Tunnell | TNRG

The National Realty Group Inc. (TNRG) is a full service, Houston-based commercial real estate firm. TNRG gathers all aspects of commercial and industrial real estate together under one umbrella and offers high-quality solutions without time-consuming hassles.

Justin Tunnell, a broker at TNRG, began his professional career in 2002. He has brokered commercial industrial leases, acquisitions and dispositions, and investment sales. He has also been involved with designing and marketing ground-up development projects with TNRG. We asked Justin to tell us a little bit about how he and his team uses Apto:

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Happy Hour Series: Persistence Pays Off

Every now and then when we talk shop with brokers and everyone gets a little more comfortable, there is always an interesting, shocking, or just down right hilarious deal story that comes up. The challenge is that these are not always the kind of stories that are typically shared outside of happy hour. We would like to change that. Enjoy!

This story has been shared anonymously. Names have been changed to protect all egos involved.

Three years into the industrial real estate business in Chicago and long before cell phones, I got a listing on a 60,000 sq. ft. building in the suburbs.

I took my brochures and began canvasing the neighborhood. I came to one manufacturing company several doors away and went into the vestibule, noticed a table with trade magazines all addressed to "Bob Smith, President" so I walked up to the receptionist and confidently asked if "Bob" was in today.

She was not very interested or accommodating and asked, "Do you have an appointment?" I said "no" and she said I need an appointment. I said, "In that case I would like to make an appointment." She said I would have to call for that.

So I asked her if she had a phone that I could use and she buzzed me in and pointed me to a phone several desks away. I asked her "What is your number" and she told me. I dialed and she answered "Hello, Acme Widget Co" and I asked if Bob was in and she put me right through. And I made my pitch to Bob. He invited me in and while he didn't buy the building, he invited me to submit properties to him.

Over the next year or so I dutifully sent properties to him and eventually sold him a new building and sold his old one. Moral of the story: "Don't let the gatekeeper discourage you!"

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10 Quotes to Inspire Your CRE Business

We know it can be tough out there in the commercial real estate trenches... crunching numbers, making calls, marketing your listings, and most importantly, closing deals. To help get you inspired, we've put together a list of 10 famous real estate quotes!

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7 Tweetable Duke Long Quotes

Real Estate Tech News (Formerly CRE App Review) recently announced it's RETA (Real Estate Tech Awards) winners. Voted as the #1 Most Influential CRE Tech Thought Leader of 2014, Duke Long has an extremely popular blog that isn't known for being politically correct, but IS highly influential in the CRE world.

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Meet Apto's Solutions Team!

Who is the Apto Solutions Team and what is their role? We thought it would be best for them to tell you themselves! Joey, the Solutions Team Manager, explains:

"Our goal is to provide our Apto customers with the best support possible; we want to go beyond a simple help desk to become a resource for you and your commercial real estate brokerage team. Give us a call or shoot us an email any time you get stuck or have a question and we can help you get free of what ails you. After our coffee; don’t call us before we get our coffee."

Find out more about Joey and the rest of the fantastic Solutions Team!

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The Great Recession: Catalyst For CRE Innovation

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Alyssa Murrett. This article, in which she interviews Apto's very own Tanner McGraw and Ryan Masiello of View the Space, was originally posted on the Compstak blog.

To understand how CRE experience drives success, it is important to determine the challenges faced by CRE professionals.

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