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10 examples of stellar office design in 2017

Sep 6, 2017

Since the dawn of the coworking boom, many have predicted the end of the traditional office as we know it.

But while cubicles and cramped offices with dingy overhead lighting may be on their way out, the office itself is alive and well, thanks in part to the creativity of top office design firms.

Companies have started to recognize that employees do their best work in spaces built for creativity, and design firms like HDG, Rapt Studio, and Nelson have stepped up to meet this demand.

It’s not just trendy startups jumping on the office space design trend—from Teach For America to Mattress Firm, organizations of all different types are sprucing up their digs to nurture and compete for the best talent.

We’ve selected some of our favorites:

1. PEMCO Insurance

If “fun, creative and playful” aren’t the first adjectives you think of to describe an insurance company, then this Pacific Northwest-based office will prove you wrong.

The office features astroturf rugs where employees can pretend they are lounging in the grass, a yoga studio as well as a number of sleek conference and presentation rooms.

According to the design firm, “The goal was to infuse the space with a design incorporating their new identity and culture, while maintaining Northwest design sensibilities.”


2. Cytracom

When Dallas based telecommunications company, Cytracom made plans to move into a larger space, they looked for help from local design firm, lauckgroup, to help them realize their vision for the office.

Lauckgroup captured Cytracom’s service-driven culture and energetic atmosphere by incorporating powerful quotes and bold color choices throughout the office.



3. Honest Company

The Honest Company may have had humble beginnings, but the Unicorn company has more than outgrown their startup-style digs. When the company decided to move into their massive, 83,000 square foot Los Angeles space, they enlisted the help of Rapt Studio.

Rapt Studio decided to capitalize on the fact that at social gatherings, people always seem to congregate around the kitchen. They built a separate, fully-equipped kitchen on each floor of the building to inspire creativity and collaboration.


4. Teach for America

Prior to moving into their new space, the regional hub for Teach for America was spread across several different office spaces. When they decided to consolidate their operation into one space, they turned to M Moser Associates to help with the design and buildout.

M Moser associates reflected the mission and brand of Teach for America in the design of the space by modeling the office after an old fashioned schoolhouse. Workstations were designed to adjust to the size and needs of each employee and conference rooms were designed for collaboration and flexible work styles.

What is most impressive about this project, given the beauty of the space, is that it was completed on a limited budget.


5. Blue Bunny

When Blue Bunny, a Wells Enterprise company, best known for their frozen treats, was preparing to move into their nearly 9,000 square foot space in Minneapolis, they sought out the interior design services of Nelson.

Nelson brought the Blue Bunny brand to life in the office by creating a space reminiscent of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, complete with ice cream cone shaped light fixtures. The space also allows for work style flexibility with sections designed for different types of work.


6. MOI

MOI is a Washington D.C.-based furniture dealer who sought out the help of design firm, Gensler when they decided to move into a much small space in a new neighborhood. By tailoring the space to be more conducive to collaboration while still allowing employees to be productive, MOI was able to save capital and boost efficiency.

MOI brought the urban environment to the office by incorporating elements such as train tracks, city-inspired artwork, and an actual “quiet car” for focused work.


7. Dempsey Construction

Dempsey Construction, a San Diego-based construction firm, enlisted the help of ID Studios Inc. to help them design their headquarters to be both collaborative and symbolic of their brand.

The firm built the space out of a mix of building materials including natural wood and cement to create a warehouse feel.


8. McCann

McCann WorldGroup brought in architectural firm, TPG architecture to design the 26,000 square foot space that would house their C-Suite and creative group in New York City.

Because McCann is such a recognizable and esteemed brand in the world of advertising, the architects emphasized the brand history throughout the office. In addition, the space was designed to facilitate both creativity and leadership with a mix of open spaces and private suites.


mason avenue investments.jpg
9. Mason Avenue Investments

Privately held investment company, Mason Avenue Investments brought in Eastlake Studio to help design their new Chicago offices.

The firm attained a blend of historic charm and modern elegance with the 4,000 square foot office.



Steven Christensen Architecture helped software company Venafi transform a 36,000 square foot space within an existing building in Salt Lake City.

The space was designed to reflect the values of Venafi, while also attracting top talent to the company. Similar to other top tech companies such as Facebook, Venafi wanted to promote horizontality, so all employees regardless of rank work from an open floor plan space.

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