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11 things to outsource on Fiverr—from the helpful to the absurd

Aug 9, 2017

fiverr-logo-green-42ceb28536932bff125c8d478bec1c56.svgAs a commercial real estate professional, your workday rarely ends at 5pm. Somedays, the real work may not even begin until then, or you might just be working round-the-clock—ready to take a client call at any moment.

That’s why the way you choose to spend your time matters. You don’t get paid to sit behind a desk, you get paid when you produce. So how do you ensure your time is being spent working on deals and not on useless paperwork?

Simple—you outsource.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I really could have used a proofread on that presentation deck!” as you hit send? Or wished you had a second set of eyes to look at a complex spreadsheet?

If you can’t afford a full time assistant (yet), sites like Fiverr can be a huge help. Outsourcing sites essentially help you find assistants to work when and only when you need them, starting at $5 per job.

From actually helpful to the a little absurd, here are a few ideas for tasks to hire out. Now outsource away!

1. Jumpstart your content marketing strategy with guest posting

Content marketing is an affordable and effective way to attract new customers without interrupting or agitating them with ads. By providing useful content people actually want in the form of blog posts, guest posts, or videos, you demonstrate yourself as a thought leader as you build awareness of your personal brand. Guest posting on a site like Entrepreneur or Huffington Post is a great way to start promoting content without investing in a dedicated blog.

2. Get your clients’ attention with personalized holiday videos

Come November, your clients will be inundated with cards, trinkets and fruit baskets. But how many of those gestures really catch their attention? Set yourself apart with a thoughtful, albeit kitsch custom video.

3. Take your flyer game to the next level with the help of a professional graphic designer

Maybe you’re a wiz at photoshop, or maybe you’re just editing the same template over and over again. Regardless, it’s easy to take your listing promotion game to the next level with the help of a graphic design pro. But who can afford one? With Fiverr, you can get graphic design help for the price of a latte.

4. Create a catchy jingle 

Ok, jingles might not be cool anymore but they ARE catchy. Most of us can still hum along to at least one commercial we heard over and over again in our childhood. You could be that guy! Connect with a Fiverr professional for your very own tune.

5. Show off your work with a glowing customer case study

Displaying your expertise in satisfying clients is essential to winning new business, but case studies are a pain to write. The next time you get positive feedback from a client, consider asking them to provide a case study. You can record a phone call or ask them to record themselves speaking with their smart phones, then have someone from Fiverr draft the content.  

6. Prank your colleague with a hilarious phone call

Been a minute since you prank phone called someone? That can change. Check out this Fiverr ad that promises to call the recipient of your choosing AND send you a hilarious recording of the call.

7. Learn a new party trick

Dig out those half-solved Rubik's cubes and impress your friends with a cool yet useless new talent.

8. Get a personal business logo

Logo design seems simple but is in reality, incredibly complex. Major brands pay agencies hundreds of thousands of dollars to come up with memorable images. Do you have a logo for your personal brand?

9. Upgrade your website with a custom video intro 

Sites that incorporate video see dramatically higher conversion rates. But mastering video production is no easy feat and agencies will charge upwards of $10k for mere seconds of footage. Luckily, there are plenty of video pros on Fiverr willing to help you create video for a fraction of that.

10. Make sense of a messy spreadsheet

Data crunching not your thing? Sometimes a second set of eyes is all you really need to clean up a clunky spreadsheet or synthesize data into a reasonable format, but Excel can take years to learn, let alone master. Your time is likely better spent enlisting the help of a professional.

11. Transcribe voice memos to text

Sometimes the best way to remember a meeting or call is to take notes. But who has time to sit down and write? While the memories are fresh, try recording your thoughts with the voice memo function on your phone and paying someone from Fiverr to transcribe them.

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Nell Gable

Written by Nell Gable

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