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12 Broker Insights: Tips, Secrets, and Advice from the Field [ebook]

Nov 9, 2017

APTO_12 insights_cover (1).pngYou have a broad network of contacts in the commercial real estate world, and so do we. We love hearing stories from brokers about their lives and careersthe best advice they ever received, the twists and turns that led them to unexpected places, and more.

We thought you might like to hear about your peers' experiences as well. Download and peruse this free ebook for advice from top performers, tips for those just starting out, in-depth interviews, and more.

Here's an excerpt from the ebook, highlighting the best career advice these brokers ever received.

Brandon Geraldo, Senior Vice President at Colliers International

“One of my mentors told me that if you're not going to be an aggressive broker, you have to know more than the aggressive broker to be successful. This has driven me to know my market better than my competitors and to be a great resource for clients.”

Oliver Hunt, Commercial Real Estate Broker at SquareFoot

“The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is to never assume people you’re trying to contact are ignoring you on purpose. Just assume they're really busy. When you’re working in a sales role, it’s easy to get frustrated and cynical, but that type of attitude won’t get you anywhere.

Chances are, that lead or client probably has a lot on their plate and responding simply isn't a priority at that moment. If you maintain the positive mentality that they're going to respond to one of your emails or voicemails sooner or later, your attitude will be received better and you will end up being way more successful in the end.”

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