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18 apps that should integrate seamlessly with your CRM

Oct 2, 2017

Real-Estate-Technology-090383-320x227.jpgWhen writing about broker productivity and management, we sometimes use the term “tech stack,” which refers to a set of tools that helps you do the core parts of your job. That includes a system for customer relationship management, prospecting, marketing, etc.

It can be overwhelming to evaluate and optimize for each process, and we do urge you to keep it as simple as possible. There are many products out there that can cover a lot of bases at once. And those core products often can and should integrate with easy-to-use apps and other tools to keep your workflow centralized.

Apto, for example, gives you access to thousands of business apps from the Salesforce AppExchange. Here are 18 of the most popular broken down by category.

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Vision-e Scan - Scan business cards with your mobile device and quickly upload to Apto as a contact. Cost: FREE

ScanBizCards Enterprise - A full contact management app that scans business cards and offers simple one-click exports to Apto. If your organization requires a deeper multi-user integration, this is the ideal solution for you. Cost: $10 per user per month


Cirrus Insight (no longer available on the app exchange -- buy directly from Cirrus) - Save emails to Apto, sync your calendars and contacts, set follow-ups, and more. Free trial available. Cost: $19 per user per month

Groove - Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Apps Integration. Automatically sync all email, calls, and meetings to Apto; design and implement an account-based sales process; receive actionable analytics. Cost: $30 per user per month

LinkPoint Connect - Streamlines data access with an instant view of your data in Outlook. Record emails, create new contacts, and sync content to and from Outlook. Platforms supported: Office365, IMAP, POP3, Citrix, Terminal Services & Partner Communities. Cost: $16 per user per month


MapAnything - Provides territory management, route planning & optimization, lead generation, and reporting through a real-time, interactive map of your data. Free trial available. Cost: $30 per user per month

G2Maps - A geo-analytics solution that gives you mapping ability to view your customers, leads, opportunities, assets, and custom defined objects on maps. It provides analytic overlays to better understand demographics and market segmentation. Cost: See page on AppExchange


DocuSign - Electronic signatures are just the beginning. Make any workflow or approval simple, secure and fully digital, so you can get on with your business and your life. Free 30-day trial available. Cost: See page on AppExchange

AssureSign - Electronic signature application that provides Apto users with more options to create, send, and manage their entire document lifecycle without leaving their CRM. Cost: $35 per user per month


Conga Composer - Easy and accurate document generation. Save time, cut costs, and scale up with document automation: merge data into templates for pixel-perfect proposals, quotes, and more in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML email, and PDFs. Cost: See page on AppExchange

Nintex Drawloop - Simplifies document creation using the same data and documents you use today in Apto. Quickly and easily merge data from any standard or custom object into any combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF document templates. Cost: $1,440 per company per year

S-Docs - Automate document creation and delivery in minutes. Easily create quotes, invoices, proposals, statements, account summaries, and contracts on-platform. Cost: FREE


Cloudingo - An all-in-one tool to cleanse your database and mass imports by removing duplicate records, all from a simple and intuitive dashboard. Use the built-in filters or create your own. Free trial available. Cost: $1,096 per company per year

DemandTools - A suite of data quality modules to control, standardize, verify, de-duplicate, import, and generally manipulate your data. More than just duplicates removal, it promotes administrator productivity. Cost: $5,750 per user per year


Dataloader.io - Quickly and securely import, export, and delete unlimited amounts of data for your brokerage. Simple and 100% cloud-based. Cost: FREE

Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader - A data migration tool that enables users to automate the import/export of data between flat files, databases, and Apto. Cost: FREE


PowerDialer for Salesforce - A comprehensive platform for sales communication, engagement tracking, lead scoring, and more. Click-to-call functionality included. Cost: See page on AppExchange

Five9 - Contact center provider that brings powerful CTI and omnichannel capabilities to brokers. Increase productivity and improves results for sales, marketing, and customer service. Cost: See page on AppExchange.

Not seeing what you need? Check out our 3rd Party Apps Webinar or head over to the AppExchange to find what you’re looking for.

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The Apto Team

Written by The Apto Team

Apto, the commercial real estate software company, is the #1 CRM and deal management platform for commercial real estate brokers, with more paid users than any other service. Apto was built by and for brokers to help them manage contacts, properties, listings and deals from anywhere, on any device. Apto customers include thousands of independent brokers around the world, as well as multinational brokerages CBRE, JLL, NKF, Cushman & Wakefield and others. Headquartered in Denver, Apto is one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., as ranked by Inc. magazine three years in a row.

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