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Improve your communication with these 3 presentation tools

Feb 8, 2017

real-estate-diagram-buying-selling-mock-prezi-template-477812-edited.jpgTo be successful, commercial real estate brokers need to be seen as market experts, trusted advisors, sales pros and interesting people. That’s no easy task.

We’ve picked a few resources that can help you achieve those goals through better communication and presentation. These resources are worth your time, whether you’re working on building new relationships, revamping your pitch deck, or showing off properties.


Let’s get old-fashioned for a minute. What if sending a thoughtful, handwritten note were as easy as sending an email? It can be.

Bond is a service that sends personalized thank-you notes from your phone or computer—to as many people as you want. It’s a bit old school, yes, but wouldn’t you like to receive a handwritten note in the mail? There are a number of services that do this, but we find Bond to be high quality and reasonably priced. Use it for promotion, thank-yous, follow-ups or whatever business needs you have.


Make your client presentations a little more dynamic with this software, which lets you add motion, zoom and spatial relationships to your slideshow. This opens up a lot of possibilities for real estate in particular, letting you show scale more easily when talking about a community, or moving around and zooming in on any given map.

Prezi is often used in TED talks, and the company has a helpful blog with top presentations and tips on using the software.


This software can communicate your vision of a space to truly bring it alive for clients or prospects.

Designed for real estate professionals, the company creates interactive 3D graphics and technology that can help you and your clients visualize a space as you’d want it to be, whether it’s finished or unfinished, full of furniture or completely bare, etc. It was acquired by CBRE Group, Inc. in January 2017.

11 Resources to Make You a More Interesting Broker

Elizabeth Knight

Written by Elizabeth Knight

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