3 product updates: Better mass email, contact intel, and maps

rsz_p&nmapping_pointballoon.pngThe holidays are upon us, but we’ve been hard at work making sure brokers are set up for success in 2018. Read on to learn about three exciting product updates from the month.

1. Improved mass email, inline editing, and more

There's been a big winter update to our core technology product that's focused on enhancements to a number of common tasks and workflows. Namely, an improved mass email function and an increase in the daily allotment of emails, as well as changes to report building, private files, mass inline editing, task notifications, and more.

2. FullContact integration with Prospect & Nurture

We recently added an integration with FullContact to Prospect & Nurture, which automatically pulls social media and other information from the internet and presents those links on the contact record. No action needed on your end, just better intel on your network in one place.


3. Apto Maps, coming soon to Prospect & Nurture

Apto Maps will help you prospect and win deals by giving you visual, interactive tools to analyze your market. As part of Prospect & Nurture, this new functionality lets you turn location-driven observations into action with smarter call lists and deeper insights. It will be available in mid-January, but schedule a demo today to get a preview.

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