4 brands getting experiential retail right

Iexperiential retail-687852-edited.jpgt’s no secret that brick and mortar retailers are switching things up in an attempt to stay relevant. Companies of all shapes and sizes are feeling the heat from Amazon and the general shift in consumer preferences.

To be more specific, consumers are becoming are less and less interested in things. They want experiences, even in their shopping routines. Hence the idea of “experiential retail,” an attempt to create a well-rounded or interesting experience for shoppers outside of just the purchase of goods. If done right, these experiences keep people in the store longer and are also highly shareable on social media.

Here are four retailers who are doing it right:

1. Nike

This footwear and athletic wear giant has become a master of both experiential marketing and experiential retail. They have been able to create a ton of buzz around products, prompting people to camp out overnight just to get new sneakers.

In their physical retail spaces, they have created unique and technology-driven experiences for their consumer base. Last year, for example, Nike opened a five-story retail store in New York’s Soho neighborhood that included a full basketball court and technology to evaluate athletic performance. They also have exclusive products at this location to help attract customers from further away.

2. Anthropologie

Stepping into an Anthropologie store is like stepping into a fairy tale. The clothing and home retailer dedicates a lot of thought to both design and sensory experience. They consider everything from sound and smell to the symmetry their shoppers see in different areas of the store.

What they’ve found is that this approach helps justify the higher price tag they charge for some items. The atmosphere makes the consumer feel that they are in a creative space, which enhances the shopper’s experience. In addition, they have a focus on customer service in the store no matter the size of the purchase.

3. Apple

It should be no surprise that one of the biggest companies in the world has helped reshape the retail experience. From unique stores to a unique approach to customer service, there are many things that create an experience in an Apple store. However, their most recent announcement is a great example of retail innovation.

This year Apple announced they will be expanding their educational sessions across their retail stores. These educational sessions will include lectures from professionals, artists and other big names. In addition to the talks with these individuals, there will be hands-on teachings with Apple products.

4. Ikea

This Swedish furniture maker has created a destination where you can test out the products they offer and then stay for a meal. Ikea has created a space where you can literally “make a day of it” by walking through the large display area to decide what products you want and then ending in a cafeteria where you can grab a bite. And they continue to think outside the box. One notable event was the Ikea sleepover where sleep experts came in and talked about the best options for getting a good night’s sleep.

What is your most recent experience with experiential retail? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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