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6 commercial real estate podcasts you should be following

Aug 14, 2017

Commercial real estate is an evolving industry, and to stay ahead of the competition, it’s essential to stay on top of developing trends and market dynamics. While taking a class is a great way to learn new material, classes are expensive and most people in the industry are time-strapped enough as it is. Whether you’re on your commute or at the gym, following the right podcasts is one of the most convenient ways to keep up.

When it comes to commercial real estate podcasts, the market is saturated with potentially helpful material. To sort through the mass, we put together a list of seven podcasts sure to benefit anyone in the industry. Take your continued education one step further and pair these podcasts with the right books and you are sure to stay ahead.

1. Common Area with Tanner McGraw

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention our founder's podcast, Common Area with Tanner McGraw. Having been a broker for more than a decade, Tanner knows a lot of fascinating people in the industry and is interested in discovering what makes them so successful. In this podcast, he sits down with those brokers for wide-ranging interviews on their work habits, career paths, and much more. 

2. The Commercial Real Estate Show

Michael Bull covers commercial real estate trends and business dynamics during this weekly one-hour podcast. Bull founded Bull Realty and has some 30 years experience in the industry, and his show regularly hosts experts from Co-Star, the Federal Reserve and other top organizations to discuss some of the most important happenings in the CRE world. From discussions on interest rates to highlighting specific success stories, this podcast is a gold mine for those eager to learn.

3. BiggerPockets

Hosted by Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner, BiggerPockets is one of the top watched series in the industry and releases new episodes every Thursday. The shows covers everything from investing in real estate to understanding tax nuances, and it boasts a thriving blog community to accompany its episodes. From hearing how a teacher made millions investing in real estate to learning how to quickly scale your business, BiggerPockets is an insightful resource for many topics in the industry.

4. Commercial Real Estate Online

John Highman’s podcast is perfect for CRE professionals looking to hone their skills without investing much time. His channel offers episodes ranging from just a few minutes to 35 minutes on topics like sales, leasing and property management. Industry veterans stand to benefit from many of Highman’s tips, and his series on brokerage prospecting and cold calling can help beginners overcome two of their largest challenges.

5. The Commercial Investing Show

Although this podcast focuses on investing in commercial real estate, host Jason Hartman frequently discusses larger market themes like risk and inflation. Hartman has owned properties in 17 cities and often centers the discussion on the intersection of market dynamics and successful investment. From office buildings to mobile home parks, The Commercial Investing Show offers a creative take on commercial real estate investment.

6. The Real Estate Guys

From real estate investing to financial strategy, hosts Robert Helms and Russell Gray have been running this radio show since 1997. The Real Estate Guys publishes a new episode every week and the podcast version of the show is one of the most viewed investing podcasts on iTunes. In addition to the weekly show, Gray and Helms maintain a blog and newsletter to offer listeners additional tips and news on market trends.

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