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6 cool CRE mapping tools to try today

Mar 8, 2017

employee_commute_new_office-205664-edited.pngMaps are a commercial real estate brokers secret weapon.

They don’t just communicate location. They can show spatial relativity, economic trends, the movement of people, environmental phenomenon, and so much more. Isn’t that something you think your clients and prospects would like to see the next time you’re giving a presentation or pitch?

The key to standing out is to use relevant macro-level statistics as well as micro statistics that offer insight beyond what your client can read online or in the newspaper.

You need data to determine if there is sufficient population to support a store, for example, or to analyze the specific makeup of that population to see if they fit your target profile. In office, hospitality and multifamily, surrounding demographics can also be used to determine what types of rents or prices you can demand.

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Here are six tools that can help you shownot just tellwhat your client or prospect needs to know about their market.

1. REGIS Online - Sites USA

Get up-to-date demographic maps and reports with customizable radius rings with drive time, drive distance and the demographics of each.

2. LandVision Commercial Real Estate

This property discovery and mapping tool can help you research leads, analyze property and parcel characteristics, and more. It’s applicable to brokers specializing in land, retail, office, multifamily, and industrial. 

3. Esri

This mapping and spatial analytics software connects people with maps, data and apps through geographic information systems (GIS). The Business Analyst Online tool in particular gives you demographics, consumer spending, tapestry segmentation, market potential and more. The ArcGIS is a location-based solution for all segments of the real estate business, such as map-based content management and investment analysis.

4. Claritas PRIZM

This “lifestyle segmentation system” combines demographic, consumer behavior and geographic data to help you understand who is in which area, what they want to buy, where they want to live, etc.

5. MapInfo Pro

This tool provides location data and business insight for the retail industry. Create, analyze and share business info that adds context and precision to data.


This open platform helps you discover and predict the key insights underlying location data.

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Russ Duncan

Written by Russ Duncan

Russ is Apto's Director of Product Marketing and helps drive product direction through customer discovery, consulting, research and advocacy. Russ is a CRE tech industry veteran and has held several positions at Digital Map Products, including Product Manager, Customer Success Manager, & Solution Engineer. He's a serial observationalist interested in understanding the built and natural environments, systems of engagement and movement of information; and moreover how people use and interact with them.

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