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6 Google Chrome extensions for time-strapped CRE brokers

May 9, 2016

watch_by_computer.jpegFirst things first: If you’re using Internet Explorer, you’re way behind. It’s a terribly slow browser that won’t be around for much longer.

Chrome is the industry standard, and if you don’t already have it on your computer, it only takes a few seconds to download.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, there are benefits to Chrome besides speed and ease of use. It also has a variety of free add-on tools you can download to become more efficient.

We’ve laid out six that can be particularly useful for commercial real estate brokers.

FTL (FindThatLead)

This extension helps your prospecting efforts by pulling emails from LinkedIn profiles (or any social accounts). It allows you to save all your contacts to the dashboard and export them to your CRM so you can reach out for their business.


With this extension, you can schedule emails to go out at a time of your choosing. It lets you take care of correspondence efficiently, scheduling important messages to arrive at the ideal time. Boomerang also provides reminders about important events or deadlines.

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Smartr Inbox

This tool provides you with an address book for your Gmail account. It can include detailed information on contacts, and will send updates on your activity on social media, like Facebook or Twitter. The extension provides an extensive history of communication with each of your contacts, so you can make your message relevant and clear.

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For the busy blogger, this extension is a lifesaver. Writing a relevant and useful blog post can be time-consuming, but it’s important to be consistent. Finding additional resources to expand on the topic is a great way to instantly improve a post or build an ongoing series.

Related Content recommends images, links, articles and tags as the user writes, so it’s quick and easy to create links that enrich your content and drive traffic. The user also receives up-to-date analytics for their site.

Ginger Page

Nobody’s perfect, but no matter how busy you are, posting a piece with grammar or spelling errors is unprofessional. Mistakes will only distract the reader from your intended message and make you look sloppy. Using this extension eliminates those errors by alerting you with pop-ups. It’s like having your 10th grade English teacher at your elbow.


Sick of wasting time recovering passwords you can’t remember? It’s unwise to rely on one or two passwords for all sites, but using a variety can make it hard to keep trackespecially for sites you only use on occasion. Every site has a different procedure: verification code, temporary password, security questions that you don’t remember setting up. 1Password takes it all away, and it also works for credit card numbers and registration form info.

These are just a few of our favorites. What would you add to the list? Let us know your favorite efficiency tools in the comments.
The Apto Team

Written by The Apto Team

Apto, the commercial real estate software company, is the #1 CRM and deal management platform for commercial real estate brokers, with more paid users than any other service. Apto was built by and for brokers to help them manage contacts, properties, listings and deals from anywhere, on any device. Apto customers include thousands of independent brokers around the world, as well as multinational brokerages CBRE, JLL, NKF, Cushman & Wakefield and others. Headquartered in Denver, Apto is one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., as ranked by Inc. magazine three years in a row.

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