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6 types of social media updates you should be posting each week

May 3, 2017

social_media_icons_large.pngMost of us have been using social media for years now — typically as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family, sharing news articles or just speaking our minds. Yet despite the popularity of social media sharing, relatively few commercial real estate brokers are truly maximizing the potential provided us by networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

That’s because for many, using social media for business growth is a bit overwhelming.

What content should I be posting?
How I often should I post?
Am I really even reaching the people I want to reach?

Sounds familiar?

Luckily, you don’t need to be a millennial or have a degree in marketing to master the art of social media. By relying on a social media management platform such as Hootsuite or Buffer, you can organize your social presence and start posting thoughtful, engaging content on a daily basis.

Here, we’ll take you through the six types of social media posts commercial real estate professionals should be posting regularly.

1. Your own content

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, creating your own content whether in text, audio or visual form, is one of the best ways to market your brokerage services and build your reputation as a thought leader. It’s simple to set up a blog using a platform like WordPress, but if you don’t think you’ll be able to maintain a dedicated site, then posting on Medium or even guest posting on the blogs of other influencers is a great alternative.

Once you’ve created content of your own, blast it out to your social media following on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, making sure to hashtag the appropriate phrases to ensure maximum reach.

Pro tip: Chances are, you won’t be producing enough content to post every day, but that shouldn’t stop you from repurposing old posts. Most companies will share the same piece of content over the course of several weeks, and then again months later.

2. Images

There’s a reason you see so many images floating around the web — people love visual posts and they tend to get upwards of 150% more retweets than posts that do not contain an image. As a commercial real estate professional, you have visibility into spaces most people don’t, so why not share your unique perspective with your following?

A few ideas for eye-catching images:

  • Before and after comparisons of recently built-out spaces
  • Views from available properties
  • Team pictures from businesses you’ve helped find office space for

Pro tip: No one likes a blurry photo. Consider upgrading your smartphone to one with a better camera or taking the time to edit your pics with a tool like Snapseed.

3. Data and infographics

Infographics are the most shared type of content on the web. That’s because most people process data more easily when it is conveyed visually. Luckily, you don’t need to be a designer to post fascinating infographics, you just need to know where to find them. Typically, when a company goes to the effort of creating an infographic, they want it to get shared, so they will make it easily embeddable. As long as you are giving credit where it’s due, there is no problem with embedding and sharing other people’s infographics, and your followers will love you for it.

Pro tip: If you do want to go the extra mile and create an infographic with your own data, Canva provides a free infographic generator for us non-technical wannabe designers.

4. Questions & engaging posts

One of the main benefits of using social media to communicate is that it allows you to connect with a vast array of people you would never have the chance to meet otherwise. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste! Start conversations by posting questions or polls using tools like SurveyMonkey or Twitter Polls.

Be sure to monitor the engagement you receive on your posts so you can reply or react to everyone.

Pro tip: Hootsuite allows you to set up channels for different types of engagement so you can easily see who is liking, replying to and sharing your content.

5. Personal stories

We all know that cousin or high school friend that has a knack for sharing way too much information about himself, yet we always seem to read those posts! That’s because humans crave personal connection. While these shouldn’t make up the bulk of your posts, we recommend sharing personal tidbits from your daily life, as it humanizes you and helps your followers feel they have a connection with you beyond what they see of your work.

Pro tip: Both Instagram and Facebook have relatively new live streaming features that allow you to record and share video in real time. Because they are still trying to popularize these new features, these get priority over other types of content. Take advantage of the boost by being an early adopter!

6. Curated content

Even the most seasoned social media pros don’t produce enough content to share only original posts. And even if you could post only your own content, your feed will benefit from outside perspective. Social media management platforms like Hootsuite and Oktopost will help you source engaging content which you can then share with your followers.

Pro tip: Your goal when curating content should always be to add value to your followers. Start by asking yourself, what would I want to read?

What are we missing? Share your favorite types of social post in the comments below and we’ll continue to add to our list.

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Nell Gable

Written by Nell Gable

Nell Gable is a freelance writer who specializes in creating compelling content for CRE companies and startups.

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