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7 free tools for commercial real estate brokers

Mar 30, 2015

Here are 7 FREE tools you can use in your commercial real estate brokerage:

compstakCompstak Exchange

Free for brokers, appraisers and researchers, CompStak Exchange is a platform for real estate professionals to exchange lease comps in an efficient manner. Exchange comp information you have to get credits and redeem those credits for comps you need, when you need them. Simple.

LeaseMatrix Office Space Calculator

Quickly calculate how much office space you need by inputting the quantity of each type of space you need within your office. You'll enter the number of private offices, cubicles, meeting rooms, receptions areas, and kitchens. There's default dimensions for each type of space, but these can be changed. After your data is entered you'll see your total usable area and total rentable area.

LoopNet Trends 

This widget from LoopNet allows you to get customized market trend graphs based on location and property type. You can get the code and use it to paste these graphs on your website or blog to show how current prices and rents compare to historical data. All you have to do to get access is sign up for a free LoopNet account.

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The News Funnel

The News Funnel 

The News Funnel is a news aggregator and content platform for the real estate industry. You can sign up for a free customized news feed so that you see the real estate news relevant to you. Customize your feed by filtering for market, industry segment, areas of interest, or keywords. It's also a great distribution platform for real estate companies to upload and showcase their press releases, videos, blogs, and market research.


A free Excel alternative, NPV.io allows investment professionals the ability to model investment assumptions in seconds on any browser. Simply input your assumptions to get the Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return. Your results will show green for a positive NPV and red if it's negative. And, it will calculate the dollar amount which you'll need to reduce your price assumption to in order to get to a positive NPV.


This is a web-based CRE tool that will help you expedite asset valuation and investment analysis. You can use it on its own, or with your existing Excel, but they have plenty of reasons listed on their site why you should use Valuate over Excel. You can try it out without creating an account and interact with the slick interface to edit Cap Rate, Square Footage, Holding period and more. You can also create a free account to get even more access, all without a credit card.


Waterstone Defeasance 

This company specializes in the defeasance process when you're selling a property or refinancing a loan. The free calculator available on their website can give you a quick estimate of your defeasance costs by entering a handful of data related to the loan. If you need a more detailed analysis of your transaction, they have professionals available to  guide you through the process (that part is not free, but the calculator is handy!)

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