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9 time saving apps for every CRE broker

Nov 28, 2017

TNF-v1-Logo-320x144.pngTodays apps make saving time easier than ever before. That is, as long as combing through list after list of them doesnt sap your whole day.

There are tons of apps out there, and while many are helpful for CRE professionals, it can be daunting trying to find the ones that really make a difference. Thats why we did the dirty work for you. From simplifying leases to staying up to date on industry trends, these 9 apps give you the tools to stop wasting time and make the most of your day.

1. Harvest

Before you can become more productive, you need to know how youre currently spending your time. While this may seem simple, youd be surprised how much time frivolous tasks can suck out of your day. Harvest gives you the tools to track exactly where your time is going, and once you understand that, you can work to spend more time on things that generate results.

2. LeaseMatrix

LeaseMatrix makes it easy to analyze leases and compare terms to get the best deal possible. From comprehensive financial analyses to reports that update automatically, this app saves you time and helps you make better decisions.

3. Evernote

From capturing notes at a conference to creating custom to-do lists, Evernote helps keep you organized. The app syncs across devices and makes it easy to add pictures to your notes, giving you access anywhere and helping ensure you don't forgot anything important. Evernote also lets you share notes with anyone, making it easier to share ideas with colleagues and clients.

4. Skype

Whether its a client across town or an interested buyer in China, Skype makes it easy to stay in contact without losing the power of face-to-face conversation. Host virtual conferences to keep business going despite the distance and use the app to give virtual tours of everything from properties to strolls through the neighborhood.

5. The News Funnel

Everyone from brokers to investors knows it’s essential to stay up to date on industry trends, yet who has the time to sort through every publication? The News Funnel solves that problem. The app sorts through over 5,000 media sources and company releases to deliver up to date news on the real estate industry. CRE professionals can use the app to customize their own news feed to make sure they never miss breaking news in their market.

6. Pocket

While The News Funnel makes it easy to access all the news you need, its often hard finding time to read it. Pocket address that problem, and lets you save articles to read later offline. The app can even read articles to you, saving you time and letting you make the most out of every commute.

7. My Life Organized

As the name suggests, My Life Organized is all about helping you save time by getting your tasks organized. While not specifically for the CRE world, everyone can benefit from better organization, and this app makes that easy by helping you break larger tasks into smaller steps. The apps offers customizable to-do lists and tracks your progress as you advance towards your goal.

8. LogMeIn

Brokers lead busy lives. From prospecting in the office to rushing to meetings around town, its sometimes hard to remember which documents you need for each occasion. LogMeIn  eliminates that stress by letting you access files on your entire computer from your phone or tablet. Use this app and youll never have to rush back to the office for an important document again.

9. DocuSign

Face-to-face interactions are essential, but if all you need is a signature, its far more efficient to collect it electronically. DocuSign makes that process simple, and beyond just signatures, the app sends reminders and lets you check on a deals signing status anytime. Use this app to speed up workflow and get started on new deals sooner.

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Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio

Written by Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio

Erik writes about the people, the deals and the trends that move the commercial real estate industry.

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