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5 steps to find a CRE mentor

The busier you are, the more down time you need (here’s how to get it)

How SRS National Lease Group got more efficient at everything

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How to head into every conversation with more intel (without doing research)

4 strategies to overcome the summer slump

Coworking isn’t what it used to be: find out the surprising new ways major corporations are leveraging the trend

How to become the most valuable broker in your city

What it means for CRE tech to be created by and for brokers

4 things every client looks for in a CRE broker

The green roof initiative that’s causing controversy between developers and voters: Here’s what you need to know about the building trend

[Podcast] Hear from NYC broker Peter Von Der Ahe on creative selling and the value of teamwork

3 tips to hire the right brokers for your team

4 key takeaways from ICSC RECon 2018

[Webinar] On May 30, learn more about the perfect deal workflow

4 reasons an all-in-one platform is essential for today’s CRE broker

We spent a week with NAI Partners. Here’s what we learned about the secrets to their success.

Broker insights: The bad advice that just won’t go away

[Video] Watch CRE leaders weigh in on the tech that’s changing the industry

[Survey results] What brokers are buzzing about: The shutdown of Xceligent

5 LinkedIn groups every broker should join

The 2018 summer reading list for brokers

[Inside Apto] How we built Apto Maps

3 things every brokerage should consider outsourcing

The trick is, there are no tricks: Jon Silberman on the power of consistency and discipline

The tenant screening process: 4 things every CRE broker needs to know

[Video] Take a look at Apto Deals

Broker insights: How do you spend your time?

How understanding the science of empathy can help you be a better broker

Broker insights: How do you start conversations with prospects?

4 ways self-driving cars could revolutionize CRE

Introducing Apto Deals: Perfect clarity and workflow for every single deal

[Calculator] What's your target income? Here's how much outreach it will take.

4 ways automation is poised to change the CRE game in 2018 and beyond

Broker insights: What’s your top marketing strategy?

New Podcast Series: “Common Area with Tanner McGraw”

5 negotiating habits of top brokers

What's changed for Coy Davidson's CRE business, and how he's delivering more to clients

From the skies to the stadiums: 5 fun CRE stories this month

Product review: How Apto Maps helps CRE brokers visualize their market

CRE paradigm shift—warehouses are now more valuable than offices. Here are 3 things to know.

6 commercial real estate associations to join and how to get the most out of them

The Agile broker: Lessons and practices to be more productive

5 end-of-day rituals of successful brokers

Why you lost that deal: 3 lessons from brokers

How to use a map to turn a deal into another deal

How’s your pipeline right now? Here are 3 things to do to keep it full.

5 examples of inspiring real estate marketing

6 ways top brokers prioritize for success

Think you need a new junior broker? Here’s how to hire the right person.

What's most important to you when it comes to CRE tech?

Is social media marketing for CRE overrated?

Put it on autopilot: 5 ideas for automating your day

What’s the future of CRM?

6 PropTech conferences to network at this year

How to survive the next CRE downturn

KANBAN, GTD, and more productivity frameworks for getting work done fast

5 morning rituals of successful brokers

Check out this year’s DNA of #CRE Report

Apto + LDCRE―integrated to broaden your marketing reach

How to start valuing your time

5 common misconceptions about CRE brokers

[Inside Apto] How we built our integrations and created a seamless product experience

5 ways to improve your call etiquette and strategy

3 ways Millennials and Gen Z are changing CRE

The YouTube videos every CRE broker should see

What does the democratization of CRM mean for CRE?

4 questions to ask yourself after every failed deal

Scandals and sports bars: This month in CRE

[Inside Apto] Why we host hackathons every quarter

Brokers, are you up to speed on these 3 business trends?

Amazon HQ2 Race: Who’s leading and who’s been kicked out

Don’t write another email until you read this

Make sure you’re doing these 6 things to keep in touch with past clients

A visual to show you our latest visual tool―Apto Maps

Q&A: The do’s and don’ts of technology adoption, according to our senior project manager

3 reasons people don't want to work with you

6 tech predictions for 2018 and how they’ll impact CRE

A note from our CEO: Why I know Apto will win—and brokers will, too

Being a specialist pays—so should you do it? 3 questions to ask first.

Partners, integrations, and apps: 29+ ways technology can and should fit with your workflow

8 tips to build and maintain strong professional relationships

The biggest prospecting mistake brokers make, and how to avoid it

What the rise of work-life symbiosis means for CRE (hint: it’s not just about office space)

[Tip sheet] 31 Quick and Dirty Prospecting Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Meet Apto Maps, the visual tool that will change your prospecting game forever

What it takes to transform selling from an art to a science

Why people think Amazon may buy Target and what a deal would mean for CRE

Apto + Buildout—integrated to help you broker like a boss

The Best Practices Library: Your go-to resource for CRE strategy, now updated

7 smart ways to structure your day for max productivity, according to science

4 how-to guides for CRE brokers

4 reasons CRE brokers need to rely on visualization tools

What to know about cannabis real estate, and what might be changing

10 New Year’s resolutions worth keeping for every CRE broker

“It went from taking 4 hours of a day to 30 minutes of a day.”

7 metrics every CRE broker needs to know

Up your networking game in 2018: 5 ways to build your digital rolodex

The top 10 most read posts of 2017

3 product updates: Better mass email, contact intel, and maps

6 steps to structure an effective CRE sales pipeline review

[Infographic] How much time can technology actually save a broker?

10 commercial real estate conferences to attend in 2018

Two inspiring broker stories to help you rise above big challenges

5 ways to maximize social media marketing in CRE

How Baum Realty Group uses tech to get more deals done

Apto + OfficeSpace.com—integrated to get you greater exposure and more deals

Create​ ​your​ ​dream​ ​team:​ ​Adding​ ​former​ ​elite​ ​athletes​ ​to​ ​your​ ​CRE roster

What to know about the 3 cities offering Amazon the biggest incentives to house HQ2

Death to bad meetings: The do’s and don’ts that lead to more productivity for each broker

Brokers respond: Who do you admire most in this industry, and why?

4 tips for fueling your pipeline for the New Year

9 time saving apps for every CRE broker

3 tips to win more business with client reviews and success stories

Instantly memorable: Get the perfect tagline for your business

Update from ULI: 4 emerging trends to take advantage of in 2018

The $450,000 post-it note

4 easy ways to recharge your motivation

Are you making these 10 common networking mistakes?

Glorified LEGOs? Deconstructing the latest trend in CRE + 4 examples

12 Broker Insights: Tips, Secrets, and Advice from the Field [ebook]

How to create call lists that make prospecting go faster

10 of the most beautiful train stations around the world

3 ways retail can keep brick and mortar relevant

Where do the best leads come from? 5 brokers weigh in.

51 inspiring quotes to help you finish the year strong

Your scariest CRE horror stories, pt. 2

6 must-ask interview questions to assess emotional intelligence

Your scariest CRE horror stories, pt. 1

Q&A: Anthony Grosso of First National Realty Partners on building private equity success in CRE

Why office design is incorporating spaceship technology

Last-mile distribution: 6 things to know about how it’s affecting CRE

The do's and don'ts of CRE blogging

7 ways to lift up your local community (and your business)

Vision, perception, reality: The key to working your deals is in the balance

[Infographic] 6 broker stereotypes, and the technology they may (or may not) be using

Boost your network with these 10 practices

The hurricane effect: How extreme weather impacts CRE

7 interview mistakes to avoid and 5 things you absolutely must do to get the job

7 office design mistakes to avoid at all costs

3 strategies for women to succeed in CRE: An interview with Joanna Chango-James

Who’s getting Amazon’s new HQ? Here are our predictions.

3 types of prospects that should be on your call list

18 apps that should integrate seamlessly with your CRM

[Video] Take a quick look at our new tool, Prospect & Nurture

How the top 10 U.S. office markets ended Q2

Notes from the field: 4 tips to survive your first year as a broker

5 tools to keep you productive from virtually anywhere

6 bad sales habits to quit right now

8 of the tallest buildings currently under construction

CCIM, SIOR, and beyond: The broker’s guide to certifications and professional associations

Why CRE needs more women—and what we can do about it

New ebook: 9 Ways to Build (And Maintain) Strong Rapport With Anyone

Office overbuilding: Will it be a problem over the next two years?

Coworking isn’t just for startups. Here’s what brokers should know.

Is your marketing falling short? Ask yourself these 12 questions to troubleshoot.

10 examples of stellar office design in 2017

Trend alert: Why WeWork and others are betting on co-living

Summer is (almost) over. Take these 7 steps to reset and finish the year strong.

6 ways to generate more referrals

The 4 craziest prospecting stories you told us

Senior housing market update: Overbuilding, market saturation, and the year it will all tip

7 ways to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to prospect better

A step-by-step guide to nailing your elevator pitch

Know your stuff, show your stuff. Your next deal depends on it.

What to know about the 3 disruptive technologies gunning for your job

The broker's guide to better business writing

7 ways to master the ‘invisible agenda’ at your next conference

[Free ebook] The Broker's Guide to More Efficient Prospecting

6 commercial real estate podcasts you should be following

4 brands getting experiential retail right

11 things to outsource on Fiverr—from the helpful to the absurd

Do you spend enough time following up?

7 essential books for commercial real estate professionals

Are you prospecting enough?

Women in CRE tech: 3 questions with our Director of People Ops

3 products to help you prospect, get paid, and be productive anywhere

Strong job creation drives demand for commercial real estate

WeWork who? 8 Multi-location coworking spaces brokers should know

What brokers can learn from James Bond

5 (and a half) steps to a better cold-calling strategy

Beyond Amazon and Whole Foods: What’s next for the grocery sector?

Brokers: Are you implementing these 5 content marketing best practices?

Product update: Take a look at Apto Prospect & Nurture

What to know about the clean energy initiative that could save your clients serious money

In the future, everything’s possible: Here’s what that means for CRE

Human workplaces are replacing the traditional office

Want to make success automatic? Tweak your habits.

Greatest hits: Take your CRE marketing game to the next level

Expert perspective: 5 articles from Apto founder and CEO Tanner McGraw

6 ways to build (and maintain) a strong rapport with anyone

The quick and dirty guide to creating the perfect pitch deck on the fly (part 2)

New feature alert: Apto Mobile now with Listings

Listen up, brokers: 4 advanced listening skills that set you apart

Q&A: Andrew Benioff, Founder of Llenrock Group and PREC, on networking and collaboration in CRE

Win more business with these 4 powerful persuasion techniques

A better way to predict future technology

The best career advice these 6 brokers ever received

Looking where others don't: An interview with Noah Birk, Kiser Group

Changing retail markets are forcing landlords to get creative

6 times you knew you needed a better CRM but ignored the signs

Women in CRE: 7 Lessons Learned from Heidi Burkhart, Dane Real Estate

Be a better broker—in two minutes

The quick and dirty guide to creating the perfect pitch deck on the fly (part 1)

Don't forget to put these 6 fall conferences on your calendar

WeWork’s evolution could keep disrupting office markets

Why technology 'sprawl' might actually be making us less productive

Brokers, your data is siloed and you don’t even know it

5 issues that scare off commercial tenants

What a successful CRE technology implementation looks like

Want to know the guts of a CRE asset? Become a gofer

Introducing Apto Commissions, a better way to get paid

7 ways to keep your brokerage team motivated

How to become a better communicator (and why your clients will love you for it)

3 productivity apps for CRE brokers in 2017

3 ways to prepare for ICSC RECon

How to signal to brokerage leadership that you're ready for a promotion

What's the formula for great teamwork?

23 conversation topics to help you look smart when prospecting

Throwback Thursday: 7 ways your life was different before modern CRM

Movie moments that will make you a better broker (Part 2)

No man is an island: Collaboration and caution in commercial real estate

A step-by-step guide to building a killer LinkedIn profile

Overheard in the boardroom

6 types of social media updates you should be posting each week

Q&A: How one brokerage hires and manages rockstar brokers

4 great responses to tough negotiating tactics

[Slideshare] Your day in commercial real estate, 1997 vs. 2017

Get visual: 7 ways for brokers to sell in a language everyone understands

Why you should take regular walks around your city

How to avoid one of the most common mistakes CRE brokers make

Update: How the CRE investment landscape is shaping up in 2017

Stop obsessing about the ROI of your CRE tech

4 tips for CRE brokers in the appraisal process

[Short story] Future Office: The Adventures of Hannah and Skip

7 movie moments that will make you a better broker

[Infographic] Brokers, here’s how to turn someone else's deal into your opportunity

Professional development in CRE: 3 tips for the time-strapped broker

5 ways to make networking a painless part of your daily life

In case you missed it...what to know about the recent interest rate hike

How commercial real estate can attract top talent to become the next Wall Street for college grads

Amenities arms race: 6 multifamily trends to watch

Q&A: How brokers at any level can earn their clients’ trust

All the psychological mind tricks a broker could need (free ebook)

The top 9 questions brokers get about building technology

3 things brokers should know about modular buildings

10 sales best practices that can help commercial real estate brokers excel

Your future self will thank you: 5 tips to keep your CRM clean all year

The illusion of effective CRE marketing

Profit potential: Get ready, data centers are coming to a submarket near you

5 questions to ask your new client before it's too late

Announcing the new Apto Mobile App

3 articles to convince you to ditch Excel for good

The most successful CRE influencers follow these 5 steps for building a personal brand

What’s next for shopping malls? What brokers need to know

5 ways multitasking strangles your productivity — and 3 apps that can help

6 cool CRE mapping tools to try today

To be a superstar broker, learn to love your market

The sooner you learn to recognize these 5 types of difficult CRE clients, the better.

Is CRE safe in the cloud?

Meet the new and improved Apto

How Zappos, Adobe, and more are creating workspaces that bring people together

Do you have what it takes? 10 personality traits CRE brokers must have to be successful

7 ways brokers can beat procrastination

10 examples of killer marketing to try for your CRE business or personal brand

Could you get more done by working less? Here are 5 tips to help you do it.

New ebook: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Brokers Make—And How to Avoid Them

Will mixed-use developments define the new era of downtowns?

From climate chaos to super-buildings: The future is here, and we need to talk about it

Tenant reps: 6 expert tips for satisfying even the most indecisive clients without wasting your time

What to do when your pipeline dries up

What CRE tenants are looking for in 2017

3 interesting ways brokers can communicate with prospects and clients

The major corporations creating jobs right now, and what it means for CRE

How a Colliers broker went from associate to SVP in under a decade

The top 10 ways to keep the best brokers on your team

The hottest U.S. cities for CRE development right now

5 tried and true prospecting tips to grow your CRE business

6 booming CRE specialties that probably didn’t exist when you were a kid

12 interview questions to ask broker candidates

5 infrastructure initiatives that could affect CRE

The psychological secrets of power brokers (part II)

The key to managing millennial brokers isn’t what you think

Apto voted best real estate mobile app of 2016

The new economics of CRE―financing options

Why a people person needs data, too

12 questions to ask when a prospect turns down your business

Brokers: try these 9 creative networking hacks for growing your client list

[Infographic] A day in the life of a CRE broker, 1997 vs. 2017

How much do you know about the latest trend in office space: Healthy offices

Why commercial real estate brokers fail

4 commercial real estate technologies you should be watching

The psychological secrets of power brokers

[Video] Broker best practices for marketing and showings

Top 5 blog posts from the year

7 reasons new CRE brokers should rely on their CRM

3 ways transit-oriented developments are reshaping our downtowns

Never market yourself or your brokerage again

Get ready—mobility is going to change the world of retail CRE

2 things you need to know about the interest rate hike and commercial real estate

[Video] Broker best practices for the first meeting with a prospect

Trend alert: Long-term efficiency savings start to outweigh rents for tenants

10 Secret Santa gifts your coworkers and clients never knew they wanted

Open office or private? A short guide to help your clients decide

The 10 CRE conferences you don’t want to miss in 2017

New ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Listings

Where marijuana is legal now and why it matters for brokers

Caffeine addicts take note: Starbucks’ high-end concept just got more serious

The 7 deadly sins of CRE appraisals (Guest post: Carl Streck)

Apto and Outlook—what you need to know

How movies are boosting experiential retail for shopping centers

The CRE sectors to watch in the coming months

Why you shouldn’t compromise on comps

The KPIs every broker must know (but probably doesn’t)

The #1 key to successfully implementing a new CRM

4 emerging trends in real estate, according to ULI

8 tips to make team meetings more productive

[Video] How well do you understand your prospects?

Got a great deal? Here’s how to get media coverage for it.

New ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Brokerage (And Yourself)

Your commercial real estate technology stack

5 reasons why we’ll always need CRE brokers

5 CRE tech firms poised to disrupt the industry

Who you know matters. Are you in with these 4 CRE partners?

A checklist to nail your first meeting with a prospective client

How brokers can use coworking spaces to build relationships with new clients

New video: A better way to prospect

5 keys to learning new technology at any age

7 ways to control your inbox and not let it control you

Tomorrow's Technology Today: Apto CEO featured on The Commercial Real Estate Show

The eco-conscious trend—and two easy ways brokers can serve those clients

The hot CRE specialty that could fit everyone in America under its roof

Is due diligence helped or hindered by the pace and availability of information? [Guest post: Tim Randall]

5 smartphone apps every CRE broker needs to use

Why brokers should keep an eye on coworking spaces

One thing you absolutely must get done before the holiday chaos

3 certifications that make a property more appealing

How to use technology to connect like a human

Be productive, not busy

5 ways to safeguard your single best source of business

The SoHo effect and the importance of market expertise

Will Target’s small-format stores work?

3 books that made our CEO better at selling than you

Your next steps when a deal falls apart

Strictly social: How to build a broker brand

Brokers, it’s time to be proactive about pot

New (free) ebook: 11 Resources To Make You A More Interesting Broker

You know you need an assistant when…

An easy, budget-friendly way to make video work for your brokerage

[Infographic] 7 conversation starters to break the ice with prospects

What really matters in an office property (hint: it’s not brick and exposed beams)

How to hire a spectacular salesperson, part 2

7 tips for showcasing thought leadership in commercial real estate

Healthy growth ahead for life sciences real estate

The secret to negotiating better terms in a formal rep agreement

How to hire a spectacular salesperson, part 1

New (free) ebook: The Commercial Real Estate Best Practices Toolkit

The ‘smart cities’ trend and the future of commercial real estate

A developer’s dream: What brokers should know about industrial conversions

3 ways to make your ongoing CRE education less terrible

Millennials, meet your new neighbors: Your parents

66 ways to get uncomfortably close to your client (and why you should)

3 ways for brokers to get informed and inspired

Think narrow: Why commercial real estate brokers should specialize

How to take (or outsource) stellar building photos for your marketing efforts

CRE at SXSW: Vote for your favorite next-generation real estate ideas

Broker beware: 4 kinds of tech shaking up the CRE scene

Never check in again: Creative follow-up tactics

Don't rely on market reports. There's a better story behind every deal.

4 conversion-boosting CRM best practices for commercial real estate

The CRE workplace initiative that keeps on giving—to you, your team and your clients

10 of the coolest office spaces in the U.S.

Tips to avoid freaking out about work while on vacation

Why Q3 is the most important time of the year for brokers (and what you can do to make the most of it)

3 visual innovations to show a property remotely

Weekend reads: Agrihoods, inbox ninjas and more

Our secrets to hiring a stellar workforce

Marijuana a high commercial real estate priority

What CRE brokers need to know about the condo market

A 3-step process to quickly qualify buyers and offers

The cash is always greener: Close more deals by learning these 3 energy cost-savers

Property tours: How to tell a story that sells

11 steps to train new brokers

Uncover hidden CRE opportunities where other brokers aren’t looking

How to be interesting

Embrace xenophilia: What to know about the rise of foreign investment in the US

The walls are closing in, literally—the size of new apartments is decreasing (Guest post: Balazs Szekely)

How to segment your clients for more effective prospecting

CRE digital marketing 101: The strategy and tools brokers need

Mentoring a millennial broker: What you need to know

How to build loyalty among brokers

[Video] 4 ways to handle common objections from prospective clients

What does omnichannel actually mean for CRE?

Weekend reads: July Fourth edition

Your new go-to resource for all things CRE strategy

Crowdfunding 101 for commercial real estate

Take note of these 6 foreign retailers entering the U.S.

How to use 'Top Cities' surveys to your advantage as a CRE broker

New (free) ebook: Build a Better Brokerage

4 ways your CRM can help recruit better real estate talent to your brokerage

6 tips for owning your CRE market

[Infographic] CRE Market Update, June 2016

It’s not too late to register for these 6 fall CRE conferences

From traditional to creative: How to find spaces for next gen companies

Encore: 4 more Google Chrome extensions to save you time

Applying for a broker position? Ask these questions before you accept an offer.

[Video] Our favorite Apto features: Listings Activity Report

Lessons learned at RECon to take to your next conference

Apto in the news

To prospect efficiently, keep your ears open

What Steph Curry and Nike can teach brokers about due diligence

3 reasons you absolutely need a CRE mentor

What, your pool doesn’t have underwater speakers? Trends in multifamily

The best sources for CRE news, insights and trends

How to use public information to identify companies in growth mode

Get inspired by 5 of our favorite TED Talks for CRE brokers

The single most important question to ask your CRE clients (and a template to make it happen)

3 tips to get the most out of large CRE conferences

6 Google Chrome extensions for time-strapped CRE brokers

How commercial real estate brokers can understand different types of clients [infographic]

Big fish, small pond: 4 reasons to consider secondary and tertiary commercial real estate markets

ICYMI: New (free) ebook on CRM for commercial real estate

The broker's guide to working with startups [Guest post: Stefan Bhagwandin]

What Big Data can actually do for your brokerage

Why oh Y: What the next generation of brokers wants

[Template] Download a Marketing Assistant job description

5 tips to improve your online lead conversion [Guest post: Bob Samii]

Why Microsoft Excel is killing your deals (and what you can do about it)

Creep for your clients like a pro: How sensor tech can help CRE

6 ways to convince your Luddite coworkers to adopt new technology

Prospect better with this cold call tracking template

5 interview questions to ask CRE broker candidates

How to choose a CRM vendor

Impress prospects and clients with knowledge of these CRE trends

Thanks, Obama: How to cash in on the healthcare real estate boom

Teams = more money. Here's how to structure for success.

Our favorite Apto features you might not know about: Contact relationships

Not just another suit: The 5 'P's of being a successful Millennial broker

[Video] Is your CRE tech cloud-based? Here's why it should be.

We need a lead-scoring standard for CRE

[Template] Download a Transaction Coordinator job description

The complete idiot's guide to net lease buyers and sellers

When that hotline bling: How to win more deals with systematic prospecting calls

CRE brokers: What do your clients really want from you?

The ROI of CRM

How to corner the start-up market [infographic]

No one cares about (y)our potential

What top-earning brokers do that you don't

Apto is hiring

Part 2: Should you fire your client?

[Template] Download a Financial Analyst job description

A no-fail guide to resuscitating dead leads

Phonin’ it in: How a CRM/phone integration makes our lives easier

[Template] Download a Client Services Coordinator job description

Maps: Your secret weapon in commercial real estate

3 creative ways to get industrial deals done when supply is low

3 things savvy retail brokers need to know

How to tech-train your brokers: Tips from a system admin [Guest Post]

Weekend reads: The rise of global startup cities

4 useful consumer technologies for CRE professionals

Should you fire your client? Two questions to ask.

Weekend Reads: The Automation Paradox

Top 5 Technology Trends to Watch from this Year’s CES Show

Moving data to a new CRM: A system admin’s advice [Guest Post]

How to Set Realistic Goals for Your Brokerage

6 commercial real estate stats and trends for 2016 [infographic]

Apto Named One of Top 5 Best Real Estate Mobile Apps of 2015

5 Mobile Apps to Supercharge Your Productivity in 2016

The top 10 CRE conferences to put on your calendar

Apto's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

Deal Incubators: Finding the Next Development, Investment & Activity Magnet

Part 2 - How to Prepare for your CRM Implementation

Is a CCIM or SIOR designation right for me?

How to Prepare for a CRM Implementation [Infographic]

How brokers can successfully navigate the holiday party season

Is technophobia crippling commercial real estate? [Guest post: Andrew Bermudez]

Tips for Strategic Social Media Use

Part 1 - How to Prepare for a CRM Implementation

3 Reasons Brokers Should Take Vacations

6 Reasons Why CRE Brokers Need to Move to the Cloud

The Best of Commercial Real Estate Data Sources: Listings/Availabilities

This Month in CRE Tech - October 2015

Grow Your Sphere With These 5 Fresh Networking Ideas

Prospecting 101: 6 Golden Rules for Brokers

The Best of Commercial Real Estate Data Sources: Mortgage/Financial Data


Meet Apto's Dev Team

Integrate Apto and Gmail with Groove!

The Best of Commercial Real Estate Data Sources: Property Data

The Importance of Research When Organizing Your Brokerage

Best Fall Conferences for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

The Importance of a Financial Analyst When Building Your Brokerage

This Month in CRE Tech - June 2015

The Best of Commercial Real Estate Data Sources: Ownership

[Case Study] Aron Susman | TheSquareFoot

How to Organize Your Brokerage

The Best of Commercial Real Estate Data Sources: Lease/Sales Transactions

[Case Study] Justin Tunnell | TNRG

Sandler Selling for Commercial Real Estate

Why Clients Fire Brokerages

This Month in CRE Tech - April 2015

The Top 5 Legal Trends that Will Impact CRE in 2015

7 free tools for commercial real estate brokers

Happy Hour Series: Persistence Pays Off

10 Essential Mobile Marketing Tips for CRE

SPIN Selling for Commercial Real Estate - Ask the Right Questions

Meet Apto's Implementations Team!

This Month in Commercial Real Estate Technology - February 2015

Best Practices for CRE Email Newsletters

Salesforce Spring 15 Release Summary

10 Quotes to Inspire Your CRE Business

Eyes on the Horizon: How Tech Can Add Value to Your Relationships

7 Tweetable Duke Long Quotes

This Month in Commercial Real Estate Technology - January 2015

Top 4 Best Practices for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Meet Apto's Solutions Team!

Happy Hour Series: Keep Your Lawyer Close, And Your Broker Closer

How Do You Want To Represent Your Brokerage Business Online?

Apto Winter '14 Release

7 Novel Ideas to Make Your Brokerage Office More Fun

Happy Hour Series: Industrial Brokerage, The Gloves Are Off

This Month in Commercial Real Estate Technology

CRM vs. Excel

Don't Be Caught With Dirty Data!

Critical Market Stats You Must Know as a Broker

New Back Office Platform for CRE Commission and Accounting

Find Qualified Prospects without Cold Calling

The Great Recession: Catalyst For CRE Innovation

CRE Conference Attendees: How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Top CRE Conferences for Late 2014 and 2015

LinkPoint Connect for Apto

Simple Yet Significant Tips for Managing A Busy Brokerage Office

Top 10 Trends In Commercial Real Estate To Consider

Is the Commercial Real Estate Industry Going Paperless?

Is Google Glass The Next Top Commercial Real Estate Technology?

Apto Summer '14 Release

Your CRE Brokerage Process: Phase 1 Define Your Market

What Is Cloud-Based CRM?

This Month in Commercial Real Estate Technology

An Interview with Jeffrey Fript

This Month in Commercial Real Estate Technology

An Interview with Mike Woldman | Element Commercial Group

Whip Your Brokerage CRM Into Shape With A Solid Data Governance Plan

Twitter Cards | Now with Audioboo

Stellar CRE Tech Booths You May Have Missed At ICSC

Why Apto has the best support...

Commercial Real Estate Tech News You May Have Missed

8 Best Practices for Commercial Real Estate CRM Dirty Data Cleanup

6 Basic CRE CRM Features You Should Be Using, But Aren't.

Enterprise Dropbox | What the revamp means for your CRE Brokerage

Ultimate Guide of Integrable Technologies For Commercial Real Estate

Awesome Commercial Real Estate Integrations You Haven't Thought Of

This Month in Commercial Real Estate Technology

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Data Loaders

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Mobile Technologies

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Assisted Dialing

The Death of the Google Reader and Your Commercial Real Estate News

The Best of Commercial Real Estate Data Source Services

The Best of Commercial Real Estate | Demographic Services

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Content Storage

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Sales Intelligence

This Month in Commercial Real Estate Software

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Mass Email

The Best of Commercial Real Estate | Marketing

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Data Cleansing

6 Strategies for Improving Commercial Real Estate CRM Adoption

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Document Generation

The Best of Commercial Real Estate | Listing Services

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Contract Management

This Month in Commercial Real Estate Software

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Email & Calendar Sync

Commercial Real Estate CRM Integrations | Geolocation

10 Facebook Tips to Inspire Your CRE Social Strategy

7 Critical Features of a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Website.

This Month in Commercial Real Estate Software

16 Killer Business Development Strategies for CRE

Solving Commercial Real Estate CRM Problems