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All the psychological mind tricks a broker could need (free ebook)

Mar 30, 2017

APTO_psychological secrets-cover.pngWhy would you praise a competitor in front of client?

Believe it or not, that’s what top performing commercial real estate brokers do. Good brokers aren’t afraid to talk other people up, whether they’re colleagues or competitors. They know that life isn’t a zero-sum game, and that another broker’s success doesn’t somehow render them unsuccessful. What’s more, the psychological phenomenon known as spontaneous trait transference, which says that people will associate you with the words you use to describe others, can bring this praise back to them.

Sales is a mind game, and to win you have to possess a high degree of emotional intelligence. That allows you to use psychology to your advantage in connecting with prospects and closing deals.

It doesn’t mean being manipulative or phony. Emotional intelligence is simply the ability to recognize your and others’ emotions, influence the energy in a room, and build meaningful relationships.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve talked about it before. A couple times. We got so much good feedback, we decided to write about it some more. Download The 11 Psychological Secrets of Power Brokers now to learn how to win more business, bounce back from inevitable rejections, and build great relationships.

Still unsure? Here’s a preview.

Top brokers wield their emotions wisely.

Once you can read the emotional undercurrent in a room, you can influence it. Emotional contagion is very real, which means your emotions have the power to sway those of others. Spooky? A little bit. But you might as well use this phenomenon to your advantage!

Here’s a great way to think about emotional contagion, as summed up by Seth Godin:

“If you escalate (cut off in traffic, angry at the gate agent, frustrated at your boss), you’ve just added (negative) energy to a conversation. If you escalate (high-pitched enthusiasm, a hug, encouraging words), you've just added (positive) energy to a conversation. Once the energy is added, it has to go somewhere. Often, the person you're engaging with throws it right back, or even increases it. A talented, mature person might take your negative energy and de-escalate it, or even swallow it and permit the conversation to calm down or end. But don't count on it."

Download The 11 Psychological Secrets of Power Brokers

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Elizabeth Knight

Written by Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth is a Marketing Manager at Apto. She loves words, cheeseburgers, polo, and the facepunch emoji.

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