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This Month in Commercial Real Estate Software

By The Apto Team on Jan 30, 2013

1. Craigslist Mapping

This month Craigslist made some massive, and definitely needed, enhancements to their website.  Through the years, users have waded through simple-text features resonant of technology capabilities familiar to users a decade ago.

It is just now, the first month of 2013, that Craigslist has added a map feature.  This map feature includes everything from real estate listings to your neighbor’s garage sale.  Not stopping there, Craigslist has also added a “Pic View” application that allows users to view a thumbnail of the items seen.  This includes those looking for love through their personal ads.

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16 Killer Business Development Strategies for CRE

By Tanner McGraw on Jan 21, 2013

To be a successful broker you’ve got to find new opportunities.  Here at Apto, we’ve picked up a few along the way and wanted to toss a few your direction. 

Some of these are obvious; others not so much. But perhaps you’ll find a few killer strategies to keep the pipeline full. Most of these strategies assume that you have a property database with related owners and tenants.  If not, give us a call we’ve got a few ideas there, too. 

CRE Ideas

1. Market/Submarket

Own your market.  

I am sure you’ve never heard that before . If you know your market inside and out,  tracking everything on-market, sales comps, who owns what, etc., you’re the goto guy.  

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Solving Commercial Real Estate CRM Problems

By Tanner McGraw on Jan 7, 2013


Where to begin….? Our company began with our brokerage team looking for a better
commercial real estate CRM. We started with Simple Remote...no longer in business. Then onto Realhound- lots of great ideas but was buggy and poorly supported. REA? Check. REThink?Check. Truth is we're a tad picky but the functionality and design we desired seemed to us to be something any CRE CRM should have.

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CRE CRM Functionality

Niche Product Type. Let's face it. CRE CRMs are a specialty product. REA has been the bellwether for decades and rightfully so, but many others have fared poorly. Realhound has been teetering and others have left the market. Without big software shops designing products in the space, the tech has been in many cases error-ridden, feature-lite, clunky, and short-lived.

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