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Stellar CRE Tech Booths You May Have Missed At ICSC

By The Apto Team on May 31, 2013

I usually end the month with a blog that highlights the commercial real estate tech news/products/launches that I came across during the month.  This month, I decided to provide a closer look at some of the stellar tech booths from ICSC.

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Why Apto has the best support...

By The Apto Team on May 29, 2013

Shopping for a new CRM for commercial real estate can be time consuming, stressful, and overwhelming.  Many questions are addressed: which CRM fits my needs? Which one fits my needs and my wallet?  How is their support?  We let the proficiency of our CRM speak for itself, and, like our CRM, we feel our support is the best.  Here is why.

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Commercial Real Estate Tech News You May Have Missed

By The Apto Team on May 24, 2013

At the end of each month, I gather all of the commercial real estate tech news that came across my desk during the month and create a blog post highlighting these stellar new technologies and trends. 

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8 Best Practices for Commercial Real Estate CRM Dirty Data Cleanup

By The Apto Team on May 17, 2013

Dirty CRE CRM DataDirty Data? Clean it up!

When you started using your CRM there was a good chance that you dumped in a large CSV file or excel spread sheet with your customers’ information. This undoubtedly didn’t add to the user friendliness of your CRM that you were expecting.  To maintain a clean database one must be conscious of their data input to ensure top performance of their CRM, before dumping in dirty data and expecting a miracle, take a look at our tips to ensuring your data goes into your CRM clean, and remains clean.

1)      Before dumping your entire data sheet into your CRM, clean it up.  By doing this, you will minimize the amount of unneeded and duplicated data haphazardly dumped into your CRM.  Once in your CRM it is a quite a bit more time consuming to clean up your data; do it right before you upload the information into your CRM.  

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6 Basic CRE CRM Features You Should Be Using, But Aren't.

By The Apto Team on May 14, 2013

Your Commercial Real Estate CRM has a lot of functionality which plays a large role in making your brokerage business more efficient.  What we have realized though, is many users aren’t taking advantage of some of the most basic features of their CRM that make life so much easier.  These are the features that if you aren’t using, you should be.  And if your CRM doesn’t have these features, give us a call.

1.       Email IntegrationApto CRM Email Integration

Whether you are using Salesforce for Outlook or another integrable app from the Appexchange, integrating your email with your CRM is just smart for business.  Email integration syncs your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks seamlessly into your CRM.  No longer are you missing important emails or having to switch to your email just to check your calendar; with email integration you are able to do this all within your CRM making you better able to stay on track to what needs to be sent, scheduled, and tracked.  All correspondence is effortlessly tagged to the contact, opportunity, or account associated with the interaction.  Interactions are then automatically tracked all within Salesforce.  Stay on top of your brokerage business on your mobile device, desktop, on the road or in the office. 

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Enterprise Dropbox | What the revamp means for your CRE Brokerage

By The Apto Team on May 10, 2013

Dropbox is used by millions of customers and organizations.  As of February 2013, the average amount of files saved everyday with the use of Dropbox, is 1billion
 (In fact, through our own recent survey of Apto users, nearly 80% use Dropbox’s online storage service for their document storage.)  

On April 10th, Dropbox announced that they were making some changes.  These changes are centered at changing the way that Dropbox does business.   Dropbox has announced that they are renaming their “Dropbox for Teams” to “Dropbox for Business.”  

Dropbox for Business
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Ultimate Guide of Integrable Technologies For Commercial Real Estate

By The Apto Team on May 7, 2013

If you are using a CRM for your brokerage, are you taking advantage of the awesome integrable technologies available in the Appexchange?  These technologies range from Geo-location and Mapping, Data Cleanse (Deduplication), Mass Emailing, Mobile Apps, Assisted Dialing, and tons more.  All of these techs are available and easily integrate with your CRM to make your brokerage business run just that much smoother.

We have done the research and composed a comprehensive EBook filled with some of the coolest integrable technologies currently available through the Appexchange; some are paid and many are free.  Here is a peek into what we have compiled!

Geopointe - Geolocation/Mapping

Geopointe Geolocation for Appexchange

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Awesome Commercial Real Estate Integrations You Haven't Thought Of

By The Apto Team on May 3, 2013

We have covered over the last couple months integrable tech perfect for integrating with your Commercial Real Estate CRM.  We covered mobile tech, data loaders, geolocation, mass email, and other useful integrations that make your commercial real estate brokerage business more efficient.  All applications we have noted are available through the Appexchange.  This post will cover a slew of the other awesome integrations that you may not have thought of.

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