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Simple Yet Significant Tips for Managing A Busy Brokerage Office

By The Apto Team on Aug 28, 2014

Commercial real estate brokers take on the challenge of assisting business owners or the representatives of a company. Effective brokers ensure that the clients are getting the professional services that they need and expect. By understanding the habits that make a broker effective, it is possible to avoid failing in the CRE industry.

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Top 10 Trends In Commercial Real Estate To Consider

By The Apto Team on Aug 22, 2014

The residential housing market seems to be on the rebound; does the same hold true for commercial real estate? The following top ten trends list has been compiled using data from Forbes, Realty.com and the CRE, Counselors of Real Estate's Committee for Real Estate External Affairs.

Topics: Industry News
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Is the Commercial Real Estate Industry Going Paperless?

By The Apto Team on Aug 14, 2014

Ever since the 1980s, when computers started becoming increasingly popular and utilized in the workplace, some have stated that society was moving aggressively towards becoming “paperless”. While that prediction proved untrue throughout the 1980s and 1990s, it did begin to see traction during the first decade of the new millennium. According to RISI World Pulp Annual Historical Data 2010, paper consumption in North America dropped from just over 100 million tonnes in 2000 to just under 80 million tonnes in 2009. Likewise, paper consumption in Western Europe dropped from about 75 million to about 65 million tonnes during that same period of time. While other parts of the world are using about the same amount of paper (and indeed China’s consumption has risen dramatically), it does appear as though the trend towards a paperless society has at least begun in North America and Western Europe.

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Is Google Glass The Next Top Commercial Real Estate Technology?

By The Apto Team on Aug 8, 2014

In this video 1 London Magazine journalist Natasha Higgins explores one of London's best placed penthouses in South Kensington using Google Glass, making a realtors process of working, thinking, and sharing more intuitive than ever before. What could this do for commercial real estate? Property and space tours (wink, wink View The Space), shopping center advertising? It is possible that Glass could even make an excellent tool for assisting in training brokers. Listening and responding to customer requirements is what sales is all about. Google Glass should be able to improve all of these processes and provide hands free operation.

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