This Month in Commercial Real Estate Technology - February 2015

For this month, we want to share the love and highlight some of the up and coming commercial real estate tech companies hitting the scene and making waves. You may have seen some of these stellar software companies at last month's Disrupt CRE event in Chicago.

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Best Practices for CRE Email Newsletters

First of all- thanks for clicking this page! And for reading beyond the title… It’s been shown that the average amount of time spent reading this sort of thing is 51 seconds, so we’re feeling pretty good right about now.

When your clients and colleagues tackle their overburdened inboxes, they make dozens of lightning-fast decisions –delete, archive, open, send to spam… You have a teeny window of opportunity to snag their attention.

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Salesforce Spring 15 Release Summary

Prepared for Apto Customers

Salesforce is planning to release its Spring 15 update during February 6 - 14th. What does this mean for Apto customers? Apto users benefit from all the platform enhancements that Salesforce rolls out this spring. Here are some of the highlights:

For details and instructions to enable these features, see the Salesforce release notes.

Faster and more relevant Search Results

The global search in Apto is now more powerful. 
Phone numbers and emails are now recognized in the search box and new records show up in search faster.

Duplicate Alerts and Blocking

Eliminating duplicate entries is now a built-in functionality that Apto customers can use. Apto lets you create matching and duplicate rules that can prevent multiple users entering the same data. You can create the rules for all the objects within Apto. The matching rules on Company and Contact are created by default. Check the Apto Knowledge Base in your Apto Org to get more information on creating duplicate alerts.

Import contacts from your favorite sources
Import Companies and Contacts directly from Gmail, Linkedin, Outlook or any other data sources listed below:

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10 Quotes to Inspire Your CRE Business

We know it can be tough out there in the commercial real estate trenches... crunching numbers, making calls, marketing your listings, and most importantly, closing deals. To help get you inspired, we've put together a list of 10 famous real estate quotes!

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