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The Importance of a Financial Analyst When Building Your Brokerage

By The Apto Team on Jun 29, 2015

Effective work in commercial real estate demands the attention of experts from a wide range of specialties. More and more brokers are finding that it’s very efficient to assemble a team that’s ready to tackle projects as they arise, and that shares a common plan and mission. Working together in an established relationship allows a brokerage team, whether it’s made up of two agents who work well together or a larger team, to provide exceptionally efficient customer value. Teams with a clear structure and shared goals can really knock it out of the park.

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This Month in CRE Tech - June 2015

By Kim Howard on Jun 22, 2015

We just got back from this year's CRE Tech Intersect, a global symposium on commercial real estate technology that happens semiannually in San Francisco and New York. We've been there since it started in 2013, and the event gets larger and more impressive each year! We were in great company at the event and thought this would be a perfect time to share some of our favorite CRE technology companies to watch!

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The best of commercial real estate data sources: Ownership

By Kim Howard on Jun 15, 2015

There are a vast number of companies that provide commercial real estate data, and it can be difficult to sort through them or know which ones are the best. We’ve gathered 52 top notch companies that provide commercial real estate data and categorized them into the following categories: Lease/Sales Transactions, Ownership Info, Mortgage/Financial Data, Property Data, Listings/Availabilities, Short-term/Coworking Space, Demographics, Geolocation, and Broker Databases.

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[Case Study] Aron Susman | TheSquareFoot

By Kim Howard on Jun 3, 2015

TheSquareFoot is a technology enabled commercial real estate brokerage serving the space needs of businesses across the country. Businesses can search for office space and then connect with TheSquareFoot’s brokerage team to tour spaces, get questions answered, and walk through the leasing process.

Each broker at TheSquareFoot is working with 15-20 clients at any given time so they knew right away they needed a powerful CRM to organize data and keep track of deals. TheSquareFoot has been using Apto since 2013, and I recently had the opportunity to speak with Aron Susman, the company’s Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer, about how Apto is used in their brokerage business.


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