Weekend reads: The rise of global startup cities

We wanted to share a few articles that caught our eye this week. What will you be reading this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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4 useful consumer technologies for CRE professionals

Let’s face it, every year technology gets a little smarter. Sometimes I think my smart phone is smarter than me. And we can evolve with these changes or get left behind.

Last week we talked about some important tech trends from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas, but there were also some interesting innovations on consumer products and technologies that can enhance your business practices.

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Should you fire your client? Two questions to ask.

When you first began working as a commercial real estate broker, you probably weren't too concerned about the type of clients you might get. You were just happy the phone was ringing and were more than willing to work with any client that might come your way.

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Weekend Reads: The Automation Paradox

We wanted to share a few articles that caught our eye this week. What will you be reading this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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Top 5 Technology Trends to Watch from this Year’s CES Show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is always an interesting look into the future, no matter your line of work.

While commercial real estate brokers may not have a use for shoes that make you jump higher or robot maids that can cook you breakfast (or maybe they do!), the show nevertheless features many technologies with the potential to affect our industry.    

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Moving data to a new CRM: A system admin’s advice [Guest Post]

I’m the Office Manager and Executive Administrator for 10+ brokers at SVN-RICORE Investment Management, Inc., which recently decided to switch to a new CRM system. I’ve had years of experience as a Salesforce administrator, which was a big help when it came time to get the process started.

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How to Set Realistic Goals for Your Brokerage

Like any salesperson, brokers work largely on commission. Your annual income is never a sure thing, which makes setting goals all the more important. While you may feel pretty steady based on years past, it’s important to be precise and thoughtful about evaluating what you’ve accomplished so you can plan for the future. Want to buy a new car this year? Contribute to your kid’s 529 plan? Bump up your retirement savings?

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6 commercial real estate stats and trends for 2016 [infographic]

These past few weeks have seen quite a few year-end reviews and forecasts for 2016. We’ve certainly been reading a ton ourselves. Check out the infographic for a few stats we found interesting (and read the Deloitte Report and NAR Outlook for more details).

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Apto Named One of Top 5 Best Real Estate Mobile Apps of 2015

We’re excited to announce that we were voted one of 5 Best Real Estate Mobile Apps of 2015 by Real Estate Tech News!

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5 Mobile Apps to Supercharge Your Productivity in 2016

The new year is the perfect time to reassess your business and the way you run it. New technologies can improve your productivity, particularly mobile apps that can make everyday tasks simpler and faster.

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