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Apto is hiring

By The Apto Team on Feb 26, 2016

Here at Apto, we aspire to transform commercial real estate with technology and make our customers’ lives easier. To achieve this, we're building a company that delivers an extraordinary product with exceptional service—but we need your help.

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Part 2: Should you fire your client?

By The Apto Team on Feb 25, 2016

6773908365_807cbb6d3d_o.jpgOur recent blog post on deciding whether or not to fire a difficult client really resonated with our readers. It’s one of our most popular posts from the year so far, and we were thrilled that some of you wrote in to tell us about your experiences.

Topics: Interviews
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[Template] Download a Financial Analyst job description

By The Apto Team on Feb 23, 2016

financial_analyst_post_image.jpegLooking to build a top-performing, integrated team? Having the right people in place can make your job a lot easier, and there are probably a number of business functions you could use some help with.

If you have a Client Services Coordinator already, one of your next considerations could be a Financial Analyst. This data-driven position can be critical if you have at least a few other brokers on your team.

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A no-fail guide to resuscitating dead leads

By The Apto Team on Feb 18, 2016

KgqDYXRLSeyeSbhxYTjK_lookingAtTheArch.jpgHealthy leads are the lifeblood of commercial real estate, and they don’t happen by accident. Keeping an updated prospecting database requires constant nurturing.

But despite your best efforts, you’ll inevitably find that some leads just don’t yield results. And without your attention, without momentum, they won’t make it.

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Phonin’ it in: How a CRM/phone integration makes our lives easier

By Kandi Jaeger on Feb 16, 2016

telephone.jpegPhone calls are the bread and butter of my brokerage, SVN-RICORE Investment Management: they fuel efficient prospecting and relationship building. When we switched to a new CRM, integrating our phone system with the new technology was high on our priority list. I’m the Office Manager and Executive Administrator for 10+ brokers, so it was my job to get everything up and running.

Topics: Efficiency
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[Template] Download a Client Services Coordinator job description

By The Apto Team on Feb 12, 2016

office-coordinator.jpegBuilding a high-functioning team isn’t easy. Whether you’re a small independent shop or part of a larger firm, having the right people in place can make your job a lot easier. But how do you find the people most qualified for the job when you’re busy enough trying to close deals?

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Maps: Your secret weapon in commercial real estate

By Russ Duncan on Feb 11, 2016

I first recall hearing the old real estate adage “location, location, location” from my parentsneither of whom has worked buying, selling, brokering or developing real estate. It’s an aphorism that has been firmly fixed in pop culture and the business lexicon. And as long as we are bound by space, it will remain true.

But how do you communicate location?  

Answer: a map. And therein lies the savvy CRE broker’s secret weapon.

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3 creative ways to get industrial deals done when supply is low

By The Apto Team on Feb 9, 2016

gray_toronto.jpegIndustrial space is one of the hottest investments on the market today, especially in major transportation corridors like Southern California. Demand for these properties is being driven from both within and outside the industrial category, as many other users and investors increasingly snap up these buildings for multifamily units, creative office spaces and even hotels.

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3 things savvy retail brokers need to know

By The Apto Team on Feb 4, 2016

mall.jpegWe caught the latest industry news and trends at this year’s International Council of Shopping Center’s (ICSC) recent Southern California Idea Exchange, held Jan. 27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

While the conference focused on Southern California, the retail trends that were discussed are relevant nationwide. The panels convened top brokers, owners, developers and retailers to weigh inand they all agreed on three things.

Topics: Industry News
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How to tech-train your brokers: Tips from a system admin [Guest Post]

By Kandi Jaeger on Feb 1, 2016

buildings_2-1-16.jpgI recently shared some best practices on importing your data into a new CRM, but no matter how clean and organized your data is, it won’t matter if your brokers and staff don’t know how to use it.

We’ve all been there. It can be difficult to learn and adopt a new technology. To alleviate the growing pains, it often helps to provide a thorough training.  

Below you’ll find out how we handled the new CRM training at SVN-RICORE Investment Management, Inc.

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