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Thanks, Obama: How to cash in on the healthcare real estate boom

By Elizabeth Knight on Mar 31, 2016

doctor-photo.jpgThink the Affordable Care Act only affected insurance?

There’s more to it than that. The law has had far-reaching implications, felt particularly in real estate in recent years.

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Teams = more money. Here's how to structure for success.

By The Apto Team on Mar 29, 2016

photo-1457694716743-eb419114c894.jpegIn a recent survey on the state of the CRE industry, the Massimo Group found that integrated teams were becoming more and more common. In addition, the more tenure you have in the industry, the more likely you are to have a team, and the more money you make.

There are many ways to design a brokerage team, but the most effective teams are built with a cohesive structure and dynamic partnership in mind.

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Our favorite Apto features you might not know about: Contact relationships

By Christian Bellofatto on Mar 28, 2016

Let’s say you’re getting ready to pitch a new client. There’s a lot of prep work to be done and potentially some politics to navigate.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out whether any of your colleagues have had dealings with the company? Maybe Janice down the hall is in Rotary Club with your main point of contact. Or maybe Bob lost a deal with them two years ago and can tell you why that went off the rails. Any bit of additional information on the company’s culture, needs and situation can give you an edge.

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Not just another suit: The 5 'P's of being a successful Millennial broker

By Kalin Kelly on Mar 24, 2016

photo-1455594408994-253112b1b26e.jpegSo you want to be a tenant real estate broker? You’ve heard how lucrative commercial real estate is, you’ve seen the big deals signed in the papers and everywhere you turn there’s another building being built. But how do you get started, and better yet, how do you do it right?

Below are 5 “P”s to ensure you’re not just another suit.

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[Video] Is your CRE tech cloud-based? Here's why it should be.

By The Apto Team on Mar 22, 2016

There's a wide array of software designed especially for commercial real estate that can make you more productive, organized, visible and aware. 

If you're currently evaluating technology, make sure your tools are cloud-based. Here's why.

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We need a lead-scoring standard for CRE

By Parker Quackenbush on Mar 21, 2016

lead-scoring.jpegHey brokers, or whoever. Hi Doris. In case you didn’t read my last post, I’m an Account Exec here at Apto. I've been noticing a common thread on my calls lately. I don’t know if it’s something in the zeitgeist or if it’s just something that is happening in my sales territory, but let’s talk about prospects.

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[Template] Download a Transaction Coordinator job description

By The Apto Team on Mar 18, 2016

transaction-coordinator.jpgWe’ve posted job description templates for a Client Services Coordinator and a Financial Analyst, but a Transaction Coordinator is also a crucial member of the team. This person manages all activities associated with the team’s transactions.

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The complete idiot's guide to net lease buyers and sellers

By The Apto Team on Mar 17, 2016

buildings_3-17-16.jpegNet leases are a favorite among commercial real estate investors due to their passive nature, strong tenants and increasingly high rents.

All this upside has made for some stiff competition, howeverwhich is why it’s essential for any broker to understand the positions of both buyers and sellers before wading into this niche market.

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When that hotline bling: How to win more deals with systematic prospecting calls

By Michael Bevan on Mar 15, 2016

hotline-bling.jpegSustained success in commercial real estate is all about building relationships and winning new business. But it’s not about simply finding the next new deal. It’s about creating a process that yields new deals constantly and somewhat predictably.

Topics: Efficiency
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CRE brokers: What do your clients really want from you?

By The Apto Team on Mar 10, 2016

negativespace-41.jpgIs it customer service? Deep market knowledge? Transactional expertise?

According to a National Real Estate Investor (NREI) survey, it comes down to one question: Can you close the deal?

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The ROI of CRM

By The Apto Team on Mar 8, 2016

graphs.jpegIf you’re looking to justify your impending CRM purchase, you no longer need to fret about whether that money would be better invested in Treasury bonds, gold bullion, whisky futures or lottery tickets. Research has revealed that for every dollar spent on CRM software, businesses can expect an average of $8.71 backa staggering 771% return on investment (ROI).

Topics: CRE Tech
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How to corner the start-up market [infographic]

By Elizabeth Knight on Mar 4, 2016

For commercial real estate brokers who are used to dealing with more traditional clients, the start-up community can be a bit of an enigma. These young companies have different priorities and needs, but they have great potential as well. 

Check out our infographic to learn how to help start-ups on the hunt for space. 

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No one cares about (y)our potential

By Parker Quackenbush on Mar 2, 2016

San_Francisco.jpeg When I was first presented with the opportunity to work for Apto, I was living in Palo Alto, working for an ad tech startup. I asked my neighbor for advice on whether or not to take the job—he’d been in the the software industry for years, after all. (And if you are at all familiar with Palo Alto, just picture the person you think lives there. Drives a Tesla, hasn't worked in years, lives in a 3,000-square-foot house that cost $6 million. That guy.)

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What top-earning brokers do that you don't

By The Apto Team on Mar 1, 2016

As regular readers of the Massimo Blog, we were excited to learn about their recent national broker survey. We’re all in the business of helping you make more money, and sometimes it helps to take a look at your peers and industry benchmarks.

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