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A little while ago, a few of us at Apto realized that while there’s no shortage of commercial real estate content out there (including our own), the specifics of using CRE tech are a little harder to come by.

For example, we talk about prospecting all the time. Target high-value opportunities, we say (and we’re not the only ones). But what are the high value opportunities, and how do you find them? Why is that the best strategy? How can a CRM help?

Crowdfunding 101 for commercial real estate

Over the past decade or so, crowdfunding has been gaining popularity. Defined as the “practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, today often performed via internet-mediated registries,” it’s used by artists, inventors and entrepreneurs alike.

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Take note of these 6 foreign retailers entering the U.S.

Every business starts somewhere. Whether that’s a studio apartment in Downtown LA’s Arts District or a small factory space in Dublin, the next great fashion trend can be born anywhere. Where it’s born shouldn’t so much concern retail commercial real estate brokers…but where it’s going should.

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How to use 'Top Cities' surveys to your advantage as a CRE broker

We’ve all seen the surveys and lists that rank the “best places” in America. One week, it may be the top cities to start a business. The next, it’s the best places to retire. The sheer number of lists out there means your city will fall somewhere. Even if you’re in a smaller market, maybe it’s known for top-notch health care or its hidden foodie scene.

While these lists are often a bit subjective, there are a few reputable sources you can use to your advantage as a commercial real estate broker.

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New (free) ebook: Build a Better Brokerage

We're excited to announce and share our latest ebook, Build a Better Brokerage: Management Tips, Job Description Templates, Interviewing Guides and More.

Commercial real estate business runs the gamut from independent shops to large national and international firms. But according to a Massimo Group survey on the state of the CRE industry, integrated teams are becoming more and more common. In addition, the more tenure you have in the industry, the more likely you are to have a team, and the more money you make.

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4 ways your CRM can help recruit better real estate talent to your brokerage

More than 65% of senior leaders in the CRE industry will retire by 2020, according to NREI Online. Is your brokerage attracting younger agents at a rate to replace the experienced talent and leadership you’ll lose?

Attracting top talent and keeping them in your firm is a matter of appealing to their priorities.

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6 tips for owning your CRE market

Apto founder and CEO Tanner McGraw recently wrote a guest blog post for PICOR CONNECT on how commercial brokers can prioritize their limited time and resources to maximize earnings. Read an excerpt below.

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[Infographic] CRE Market Update, June 2016

We're about halfway through 2016, and many industry leaders and experts are a bit nervous about the state of the commercial real estate market at the moment. 

But there’s reason for optimism. Here’s a look at a few 2015 and 2016 stats that offer some hope.

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It’s not too late to register for these 6 fall CRE conferences

The spring conference season is tapering offdid you make it to any events? They’re a great opportunity not just to learn and network, but to pick your head up from the daily grind and get a change of scenery and a shot of inspiration.

If you missed out on any events this spring, it’s not too late to turn it around the second half of the year. Sign up for these fall conferences before it’s too late.

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From traditional to creative: How to find spaces for next gen companies

Today’s tech-forward companies need workspaces just like everyone else does, but their offices rarely resemble the traditional layouts so many seasoned brokers are used to selling.

While law firms, banks and many other companies still conform to the traditional cubicle format with private offices lining the perimeter, companies within more creative industries like media, advertising and technology are looking for spaces as imaginative as the products and services they provide.

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Encore: 4 more Google Chrome extensions to save you time

Have you started using any of the Google Chrome extensions we wrote about last month?

We got a lot of good feedback from that post, and wanted to share some other recommendations for apps and tools to make your life easier.

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Applying for a broker position? Ask these questions before you accept an offer.

If you’re applying for a new position as a commercial real estate broker, there are lots of things to consider. Maybe you’re interested in a small local shop that focuses on healthcare. Or maybe you’re ready to get into investment sales at a multinational brokerage. Whatever the case, joining a new firm is a major decision.

So remember: they’re not just interviewing youyou’re interviewing them as well.

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[Video] Our favorite Apto features: Listings Activity Report

When you’re working a deal, how do you communicate your progress to clients? Do you have reports, status calls, visuals of some kind?

Apto can make all that a lot easier. Product Manager Christian Bellofatto explains how.

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Lessons learned at RECon to take to your next conference

Have you recovered from ICSC’s RECon yet? It ended last week, but our team is still trying to catch up on some restnot to mention follow up with hundreds of new contacts.

If you missed it, RECon is the nation’s largest gathering of all things (and people) retail real estate-related. With more than 36,000 people converging in Las Vegas each May, you can bet there are some lessons to take away.

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Apto in the news

We wanted to take a break from CRE news and tech tips to give you some background on what’s going on with our company. Apto is made up of smart, hardworking people who want to make commercial real estate better, and we’re proud to have been featured in the press a bit lately.

Read on to get to know the company and people behind the tech.

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