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A 3-step process to quickly qualify buyers and offers

By Russ Duncan on Jul 28, 2016

Lease_Agreement_Apto_Best_Practices-405405-edited.jpgIn commercial real estate, not all offers are the right offers.

As eager as you are to find a deal for your client and say hello to your commission, you can’t trust every offer that comes along. A lot of work goes into working out an offerespecially a leasebut that only means you need to be as prepared as possible as early in the process as possible.

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The cash is always greener: Close more deals by learning these 3 energy cost-savers

By The Apto Team on Jul 27, 2016

greenery-052307-edited.jpegUtilities can be a huge cost for owners and landlords. Even if the tenant is responsible for the energy consumed in their unit, common areas and general building functions can really rack up those kilowatt-hours.

Commercial real estate brokers can help by maintaining up-to-date knowledge of today’s most popular energy-saving initiatives, as they can be a huge selling point when it comes to closing the deal.

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Property tours: How to tell a story that sells

By The Apto Team on Jul 26, 2016

building-7-26-16-664108-edited.jpegWhen it comes to selling commercial real estate, you can be just another broker in the crowd, touting the same properties as your peers, or you can take the opportunity to differentiate yourself. But how?

By letting your specialized knowledge help you weave a story that sells.

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11 steps to train new brokers

By Elizabeth Knight on Jul 25, 2016

books-training-416034-edited.jpegIf you have even one broker under your management, or would like to one day, you need to give some thought to training them.

An intentional onboarding plan is a research-proven way to improve retention. Training brokers and establishing expectations from the get-go sets them up for long-term success at the firmwhich in turn sets you up for success.

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Uncover hidden CRE opportunities where other brokers aren’t looking

By Irena Ashcraft on Jul 22, 2016

pokemon-go-278292-edited.jpgIf you haven’t bumped into them by now—well, they’ve probably bumped into you. We’re talking about the droves of people roaming across town, phones in hand, in hot pursuit of Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is the augmented reality game that takes the physical world as seen through your phone’s camera lens and overlays it with a virtual fantasy realm teeming with monsters to catch, tame and train. It’s so popular that it’s already overtaking Twitter and Netflix in daily use—and surprising the owners of small local shops who suddenly have a stampede of people at their door.

Topics: Efficiency
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How to be interesting

By The Apto Team on Jul 21, 2016

guy-on-stairs-563986-edited.jpegYou don’t have to advertise Dos Equis to be the most interesting person in the world, but you should stay thirsty, friends: for more leads, meetings, deals. And to get those, you have to stand out in people’s minds. Whether you’re talking to a prospect, client or coworker, making an impression means more than a nice smile and firm handshake.

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Embrace xenophilia: What to know about the rise of foreign investment in the US

By The Apto Team on Jul 19, 2016

singapore-826339-edited.jpegThe world is shrinking, and geography has less and less influence on real estate investment decisions these days.

International buyers have been increasingly active in the U.S. commercial real estate market. Foreign capital currently makes up about 20% of CRE investment in the U.S., and China alone contributed more than $10 billion to the market in 2015. Some estimate that China’s investment in U.S. business will total more than $200 billion by 2020.

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The walls are closing in, literally—the size of new apartments is decreasing (Guest post: Balazs Szekely)

By Balazs Szekely on Jul 18, 2016

Multifamily brokers, take note. The average size of new apartments completed in the U.S. in 2016 has fallen to 934 square feet according to a recent research conducted by RENTCafé.

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How to segment your clients for more effective prospecting

By Tanner McGraw on Jul 15, 2016


Apto founder and CEO Tanner McGraw recently wrote an article for NREI on how commercial brokers can use client segmentation for more effective prospecting. Read an excerpt below:

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CRE digital marketing 101: The strategy and tools brokers need

By The Apto Team on Jul 13, 2016

cre-digital-marketingMany of your future clients will first interact with you by visiting your website. How confident are you that they’ll be impressed with your branding and also be able to easily sign up for a newsletter or contact you? Or on the flip side, can prospective clients even find you online?

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Mentoring a millennial broker: What you need to know

By Irena Ashcraft on Jul 12, 2016

people-woman-coffee-meeting-large-348587-edited.jpgThere’s a wave of young employees coming up the ranks at brokerages across the country — maybe even at your brokerage — and they’re bringing a completely different style to the workplace.

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How to build loyalty among brokers

By The Apto Team on Jul 11, 2016

group-together.jpegLosing a productive team member costs you a lot of money.

Sometimes you pay to put out an advertisement on various sites, and then of course there’s the cost of your time to review resumes, answer emails, interview and train. And whatever portion of this work you delegate to your team is time they’re not working deals.

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[Video] 4 ways to handle common objections from prospective clients

By Russ Duncan on Jul 6, 2016

I already have offers. Your fees are too high. I’m going to wait for the market.

Sound familiar? When you’re talking to a prospect and trying to establish a relationship, there a number of common objections you’ll hear for why they don’t need you.

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What does omnichannel actually mean for CRE?

By The Apto Team on Jul 5, 2016

retail-outdoor-space-641645-edited.jpgSimply put, omnichannel is an all-encompassing business model that integrates a physical storefront or business with a website, social media, smartphone/tablet apps, live web chats, call centers and any other mode of interacting with a customer that you can think of. It’s used to enhance and extend the customer experience in a seamless way across all possible channels of commerce.

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Weekend reads: July Fourth edition

By The Apto Team on Jul 1, 2016

Hammock.jpegWe hope you have a relaxing long weekend full of barbecues, pool time and fireworks. Forget about your pipeline, put down the cell phone and spend some time with your family. 

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