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Millennials, meet your new neighbors: Your parents

By Ian Ritter on Aug 31, 2016

lego-family-494325-edited.jpgThere is so much coverage about how millennials are changing the commercial real estate industry that it’s easy to forget about other generations. Yes, in broad strokes, millennials want creative office spaces and mixed-use environments where they can live, work and play. But you know what? Baby boomers want that, too.

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66 ways to get uncomfortably close to your client (and why you should)

By The Apto Team on Aug 30, 2016

black-and-white-businessman-man-suit-medium-669231-edited.jpgFinding new commercial real estate clients is about a whole lot more than just building your email list. It’s about building a real relationship.

To do that, you need to think beyond the transaction you’re hoping for. Relationships require connection, information and most importantly, trust. That means every client interaction is an opportunity to cultivate that relationship, and the best way to engage with clients is to talk about the one thing they care about mostthemselves.

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3 ways for brokers to get informed and inspired

By The Apto Team on Aug 29, 2016

Lightbulbs-320x298.jpgLet’s face it, it’s easy to get burnt out sometimes. Amid the day-to-day hustle of meeting prospective clients and trying to close deals, we don’t always carve out time to recharge properly or seek new inspiration or advice.

And yet, hearing some out-of-the-box perspectives and learning something new is a great way to get a boost and stay sharp.

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Think narrow: Why commercial real estate brokers should specialize

By Tanner McGraw on Aug 25, 2016

Commercial_Real_Estate_Broker-177910-edited.jpgApto founder and CEO Tanner McGraw recently wrote an article for RealtyNewsBiz on how commercial brokers can find a specialty and grow their business by defining a unique value proposition. Read an excerpt below.

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How to take (or outsource) stellar building photos for your marketing efforts

By The Apto Team on Aug 24, 2016

new-office-blake-st-291333-edited.jpgA picture is worth a thousand words. And since you’re in the business of selling or leasing physical buildings, photos prominently displayed in your marketing materials can go a long way toward closing that dealor losing that lead.

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CRE at SXSW: Vote for your favorite next-generation real estate ideas

By Elizabeth Knight on Aug 23, 2016

Want to know the latest innovations in CRE technology? Just take a look at the topics vying for a spot at SXSW 2017.

The SXSW PanelPicker allows anyone to vote for their favorite session proposalspresentations, panels, discussions, demonstrations, etcso they can have a voice in the event. Even if you’re not heading to Austin next March, it’s interesting to see what ideas are being brought to the table.  

We highlighted a few CRE topics that sounded interesting, and if you feel so inclined, cast a vote for your favorite!

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Broker beware: 4 kinds of tech shaking up the CRE scene

By Ian Ritter on Aug 22, 2016

Robots-937271-edited.jpegAre you worried about disintermediation at the hands of our merciless robotic overlords? Do you feel powerless to stem the onslaught of new technology? Try using it to your advantage instead.

In-person meetings, conferences and personal networking aren’t going away. But innovative new technologies are changing the game for commercial real estate, and brokers need to learn how to use them to their advantage. While many are wringing their hands at potential disintermediation, these innovations don’t have to be harbingers of doom.

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Never check in again: Creative follow-up tactics

By The Apto Team on Aug 19, 2016

sunglasses-phone-574609-edited.jpegTired of constantly following up about the status of potential new deals or partnerships, only to get the brush off? It could be your approach that’s the problem. The first thing to ditch: that tired old “just checking in” email.

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Don't rely on market reports. There's a better story behind every deal.

By Russ Duncan on Aug 17, 2016

Keys acquired. Company moves in. Company moves out. Company reinvests. Building goes up. Customers pour in (hopefully). Commissions get deposited (hopefully). Smiles ensue.

Congratulations, you’re a broker.

Along with the standard financial stats, these are the events that occur when a deal gets done. They’re tangible, and they have a direct impact on the parties involved in the deal. They shape the market.

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4 conversion-boosting CRM best practices for commercial real estate

By The Apto Team on Aug 16, 2016

Cloud_buildings-403353-edited-680277-edited.jpegMoving prospects and leads through the pipeline is an ongoing process, and if you want to get all the way to the close of a deal, you have to be consistent and strategic.  

Boosting conversion rates and shortening the nurturing process are worthy goals, and today’s CRM technology can help you reach them. Basic sales strategies can be applied and augmented through automation of processes and access to extensive and relevant data.

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The CRE workplace initiative that keeps on giving—to you, your team and your clients

By The Apto Team on Aug 15, 2016

coffee_shop-327252-edited.jpegWorkplace wellness is all the rage nowadays. And for good reasonby promoting health and wellness, you also promote productivity and employee retention.

To define the term, workplace wellness means focusing on the whole employee, which includes their mental and physical health. The idea is that employees in positive working environments that take their wellbeing into account tend to be more content with their jobs and themselves, which in turn motivates them to perform their best.

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10 of the coolest office spaces in the U.S.

By The Apto Team on Aug 12, 2016

There was a time when the grey walls of cube farms dominated the office landscape, but no longer.

Following the open office lead of the tech industry, more and more companies are opting to transcend the ordinary with inspired design that encourages collaboration and creativity, enhances employee morale and reinforces their brand identity. In no particular order, here's our list of 10 of the coolest office spaces in the country:

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Tips to avoid freaking out about work while on vacation

By The Apto Team on Aug 10, 2016

vacation-holidays-hotel-architecture-large-270022-edited.jpgLabor Day is around the corner, and we all know what that means: a mad rush to get that one last trip to the beach or lake in before the weather turns. This period can also present an inconvenient time to be away from the office, as deal volume traditionally starts to amp back up.

But don’t fret. It’s still perfectly reasonable to take some time off and enjoy the last days of summer with your family. A little fresh air and a continuous stream of ice-cold Michelob Light is, after all, a great way to recharge your batteries and ensure you finish the year strong.

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Why Q3 is the most important time of the year for brokers (and what you can do to make the most of it)

By The Apto Team on Aug 9, 2016

watch-417208-edited.jpegThe third quarter is a pivotal period in any broker’s yearand we’re already almost halfway through it this year. Think about it: the goals are set in Q1, maybe refined in Q2, and by Q4, you’ve either achieved them or you haven’t. Don’t let this crucial time slip away from you.

Instead, organize a plan that will ensure you finish the year strong, setting yourself up for an even better year in 2017.

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3 visual innovations to show a property remotely

By Ian Ritter on Aug 8, 2016

map-301277-edited.pngOther than physically viewing an actual commercial real estate property, the best option for investors used to be marketing flyers (online or printed) that showed an aerial photo or rendering of the asset alongside a very basic description of the property.

This practice is still in use, but fortunately, today’s brokers and owners have several other visual options to market a building, most of them fueled by technological advances.

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Weekend reads: Agrihoods, inbox ninjas and more

By Elizabeth Knight on Aug 5, 2016

glasses-computer-blog-431954-edited.jpegOne more month of summer. We hope you have some time to kick back at the pool or beach this weekend, so we wanted to share a few fun articles for some light (but useful) reading.

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Our secrets to hiring a stellar workforce

By Tim Warson on Aug 4, 2016

apto_kickball-362536-edited.jpgYou may have talked to one of us on the phone. A solutions consultant, perhaps, or a customer success manager. Most likely, though, you’ve been contacted by one of our definitely-not-annoying, dedicated salespeople.

We have great people here, which is probably why we were named a “Best Place to Work” by Inc. Magazine and Denver Business Journal (not that we’re bragging or anything).

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Marijuana a high commercial real estate priority

By Ian Ritter on Aug 2, 2016

industrial-property-071614-edited.jpgSince the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington State in 2012, there’s been a lot of talk about the ramifications for commercial real estate. Those states benefit from the extra tax revenue they receive, and the industry is strongly regulated in both locales.

They’re not the only geographies affected by legalization, though. Here are the trends that began in the West but are already starting to spread.

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What CRE brokers need to know about the condo market

By The Apto Team on Aug 1, 2016

condo-044174-edited.jpgSuburban sprawl may still be increasing in much of the U.S., but some of the hottest downtowns and secondary metro markets are embracing the vertical lifestyle. This doesn’t just apply to high-rise office towers. It now extends to residential development as well.

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