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[Video] Take a quick look at our new tool, Prospect & Nurture

By Russ Duncan on Sep 28, 2017

As a broker, your relationships are the core of your business. Your CRM handles the organization of these relationships, but leaves something to be desired when it comes to taking action.

Apto Prospect & Nurture has reoriented the broker experience on the actions needed to build relationships and grow your business.

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How the top 10 U.S. office markets ended Q2

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Sep 26, 2017

Midtown_Manhattan_and_Times_Square_district_2015-773221-320x213.jpgU.S. office markets stayed strong over the course of Q2. That’s according to Colliers International’s Top Office Metros Snapshot, which said most major markets are in position to keep the momentum going into next quarter.

While six top markets experienced negligible changes in rent, rents advanced in four and absorption rose in six. Despite solid results during the quarter, Colliers said the combination of tenant downsizing and new supply is likely to increase vacancy rates down the road. From Manhattan to Seattle, here’s how the nation’s top office markets finished Q2.

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Notes from the field: 4 tips to survive your first year as a broker

By Irena Ashcraft on Sep 25, 2017

male-broker-laptop (320x212).jpegIt’s a tough world out there, especially for new CRE brokers. You’ve got to build up a business from scratch, hear “no” about a thousand times before you ever get a “yes,” and live without a payday for what feels like forever. It’s why so many brokers don’t make it past that first crucial year.

But the brokers who do are a special bunch: they’ve been there, done that, and have the battle-tested insights to prove it. Recently, we turned to them for the #1 survival tip they’d give to newbie brokers. We asked what they wished someone had told them when they were starting out, and here’s what they had to say:

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5 tools to keep you productive from virtually anywhere

By The Apto Team on Sep 21, 2017

Lightning and Apto Mobile App-320x240.pngThese days, being tech savvy isn’t just convenient—it’s practically required. Cloud technology has revolutionized the way we do business, especially in commercial real estate. No longer are brokers expected to travel with paper files in the trunk of their car. Now they have access to all of their documents, contacts, and spreadsheet information on their phone.

The good news is that technology is becoming more and more intuitive and easy to adopt. Here are 5 tools that all CRE professionals need to always have on hand.

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6 bad sales habits to quit right now

By Nell Gable on Sep 20, 2017

man-suit-hands-folded-320x206.jpgIt’s no secret: salespeople, and real estate sales people in particular, often get a bad rap.

For many, it’s deserved. We’ve all been harassed by a persistent telemarketer or an overly-eager junior sales rep who just didn’t know when to quit. Of course, for every obnoxious account executive, there’s an experienced professional who has dedicated their life to learning good salesmanship.

But even the most skilled seller can revert to bad habits from time to time.

Maybe you rely a little too heavily on email templates or maybe you’ve gotten in the habit of interrupting clients when speaking, but it’s never a bad idea to take a quick inventory of your habits and cull out the bad ones.

Here are some to start with.

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8 of the tallest buildings currently under construction

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Sep 19, 2017

Cities are getting taller. Skylines are growing as developers and architects push the limits, yet when it comes to height, the world is not advancing at an equal pace.

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CCIM, SIOR, and beyond: The broker’s guide to certifications and professional associations

By Nell Gable on Sep 18, 2017

ccim-pin-288674-edited.jpgAs a commercial real estate professional, the majority of your learning likely happens on the job through direct experience, or with colleagues and mentors.

But if you’re looking to continue your education and become a better broker, you might want to consider joining a professional organization or even taking a course or two. If you’re up for a challenge, then you can seek out a certification such as CCIM or SIOR.

To help you make the decision, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of professional associations and certifications—then help you evaluate some of your options.

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Why CRE needs more women—and what we can do about it

By Irena Ashcraft on Sep 14, 2017

Are-times-changing-for-women-in-real-estate-998045-edited.jpgHow many female brokers do you know?

While you may be able to name a few who’ve done remarkably well—women like Heidi Burkhart, for example—they’re getting harder and harder to find. In the past decade, there’s been a 10% decline in the number of female CRE brokers, according to a study by the CREW Network (PDF).

That loss is troubling, especially given how few women are in the industry to start with. According to NAIOP’s 2013  Commercial Real Estate Diversity Report (PDF), there are:

  • 14.1% women at the executive level*
  • 21.5% women at the mid level
  • 29.5% women at the professional level
  • 79.2% women at the clerical level

That’s a shame: these numbers don’t just reflect a loss of female talent at the higher levels, they reflect a massive loss of potential.

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New ebook: 9 Ways to Build (And Maintain) Strong Rapport With Anyone

By Elizabeth Knight on Sep 13, 2017

APTO_9 tricks-cover (1).pngAs a commercial real estate broker, your business depends on strong relationships. Whether it’s with a prospect, client, architect, lender, developer, or admin, building a strong rapport with that person is essential to a successful business (and a happy life, for that matter).

And it’s easy enough to befriend people you get along with, but what about those who challenge or annoy you? Creating rapport with those people is arguably even more important.

Rather than succumb to your frustration, you can use relationship-building techniques to make a friend out of just about anyone. Whether you’re trying to win over a new client, strengthen an existing relationship or turn an adversary into a friend, the techniques in this ebook will help you build strong, lasting bonds.

Here’s a preview:

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Office overbuilding: Will it be a problem over the next two years?

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Sep 12, 2017

buildings-landscape-320x213.jpgThe U.S. economy experienced soaring equity markets, growing consumer and business confidence and steady job creation over the last six months. While that’s certainly nothing to complain about, experts are increasingly wondering if recent economic success combined with shifting dynamics in the labor market puts office markets at risk of overbuilding.

Cushman & Wakefield published office forecasts for more than 100 global cities to judge the risk of overbuilding. From saturated top markets to booming secondary markets, developers, and investors alike face risk and opportunity over the next two years.

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Coworking isn’t just for startups. Here’s what brokers should know.

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Sep 11, 2017

4.-Galvanize-Gather-Lobby1-1.jpgWeWork began attracting large companies to its desks in May of last year. Now, those companies represent its fastest-growing business.

Large companies increasingly value maintaining a number of coworking desks for added flexibility, networking opportunities, and, if for nothing else, to keep an eye on startups. From WeWork’s changing customer base to an increased focus on amenities, evolving trends in the marketplace position the office sector for another wave of disruption.

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Is your marketing falling short? Ask yourself these 12 questions to troubleshoot.

By Irena Ashcraft on Sep 7, 2017

Marketing-and-showings-1.pngThe following is an excerpt from our ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Listings. Read the below and then download the rest for a simple but powerful marketing blueprint designed to help you get deals done quickly.

Let’s say you’ve won an exclusive rep agreement and you’ve started marketing the listing. Everything is in motion, but for some reason, you’re not getting a great response. If that’s the case, there may be some glitches in your marketing. For example:

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10 examples of stellar office design in 2017

By Nell Gable on Sep 6, 2017

Since the dawn of the coworking boom, many have predicted the end of the traditional office as we know it.

But while cubicles and cramped offices with dingy overhead lighting may be on their way out, the office itself is alive and well, thanks in part to the creativity of top office design firms.

Companies have started to recognize that employees do their best work in spaces built for creativity, and design firms like HDG, Rapt Studio, and Nelson have stepped up to meet this demand.

It’s not just trendy startups jumping on the office space design trend—from Teach For America to Mattress Firm, organizations of all different types are sprucing up their digs to nurture and compete for the best talent.

We’ve selected some of our favorites:

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Trend alert: Why WeWork and others are betting on co-living

By Irena Ashcraft on Sep 5, 2017

co-living-698088-320x213.jpgWhen WeWork first entered the co-working space in 2010, established real estate giants had little to worry about from their scrappy, young competitor.

That was seven years ago. Today, WeWork is valued at $20 billion and winning over major corporate clients like IBM, Spotify, and Salesforce. They're disrupting the office sector and giving titans like JLL and CBRE a good reason to be nervous.

Could their next big venture, co-living, disrupt the multifamily sector?

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