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Your scariest CRE horror stories, pt. 2

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 31, 2017

haunted-buildings-black-white-320x160.jpegFollowing last week’s CRE horror stories, we’re bringing you more spooky tales to start your Halloween off right.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy a good scare!

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6 must-ask interview questions to assess emotional intelligence

By The Apto Team on Oct 30, 2017

broker-shaking-hands-224097-edited.jpgEmotional intelligence is the hidden super power that separates top performers from the rest.

Emotionally intelligent people are far more likely to be successful, not because of luck, but because they’ve mastered the 11 psychological skills we cover in this ebook. People are far more likely to do business with those they like, even if a better deal exists elsewhere.

As a commercial real estate professional, your ability to detect emotional intelligence in others is just as important as your ability to operate with emotional intelligence yourself. You might feel like a one-man show at times, but the people with whom you surround yourself will either help or hurt your chances of success. So when interviewing job candidates, you need to sharpen your emotional intelligence detection skills.

Here are some revealing interview questions to keep in your back pocket:

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Your scariest CRE horror stories, pt. 1

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 26, 2017

broker-balloon-dark 320x213.jpgIf ghosts and goblins don’t get your heart thumping, these CRE stories will. We reached out to brokers across the country to ask about the one time in their careers that things went horribly wrong. And they responded with truly terrifying tales sure to give you chills…or at least a good chuckle!

Read on for the best of our CRE horror stories, and leave your own in the comments!

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Q&A: Anthony Grosso of First National Realty Partners on building private equity success in CRE

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Oct 25, 2017

589bcd27b36f2_Office_building_office_market_skyscraper_offices-320x219.jpegFour and a half years ago Anthony Grosso co-founded First National Realty Partners in suburban New Jersey. Today, his private equity firm has a team of over 20 professionals and manages a substantial portfolio of retail, office, industrial and multifamily assets.

From building a private equity firm from scratch to finding the perfect deal, Anthony shared his experiences on what it takes to succeed in the world of CRE.

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Why office design is incorporating spaceship technology

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Oct 24, 2017

spaceship-technology-blog.jpgNot all office space is created equal. Employees are more productive when they are happy and healthy, and that’s why companies are always trying to make their offices better.

While stellar office design helps employees do their best work, some businesses are moving one step beyond design and focusing on technology. From controlling indoor air pollution to optimizing temperature and lighting, modern offices are using spaceship-esque technology to increase worker productivity.

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Last-mile distribution: 6 things to know about how it’s affecting CRE

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 23, 2017

last-mile-blog-320x213.jpegE-commerce may be thriving online, but people forget that its success depends entirely on physical space: the distribution centers that keep things stocked and ready for delivery.

With online shopping on the rise, the demand for last-mile distribution space is growing—and it's ushering in a boom for the commercial real estate industry. For example, in the Bay Area, consumer demand for near-instant delivery has led to a 10% price increase for warehouse space. That’s in just two years.

So what does the future hold for brokers who hone in on this major opportunity? Here’s what you need to know.

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The do's and don'ts of CRE blogging

By Nell Gable on Oct 19, 2017

man with pen and paper.jpegThe marketing landscape for every industry has evolved dramatically in the past decade. Traditional methods of marketing such as commercials, newspaper ads, even banner and display advertising are all but ignored by today’s consumer.

The next phase in marketing is content.

Why? Because content marketing involves the creation and promotion of valuable information that consumers actually want.

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7 ways to lift up your local community (and your business)

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 18, 2017

group-together.jpegYou spend a lot of time actively chasing new business. But how much time do you spend getting to know the people in your community and actively helping them out?

Whether you’re coaching a little league team or organizing a donation drive, community involvement is a great way to make a positive contribution and meet new people. It also has the power to boost your business as people get to know you, trust you, and spread the word about what you do.

Today, we’re sharing seven simple ways to show your community a little love (and maybe get a little love back in return):

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Vision, perception, reality: The key to working your deals is in the balance

By Russ Duncan on Oct 17, 2017

chicago.jpg&maxw=600&q=100&cb=20170310085211&cci_ts=20170310085206.jpegLike many kids growing up in a bucolic yet blue-collar part of the Midwest, I had to exercise my imagination when it came to more glamorous landscapes that featured mountains, oceans, or skyscrapers. Thankfully I had Chicago and its architecture to inspire me and ground my thinking about place.

That imagination turned to vision as I devoured movies and TV shows about places like Beverly Hills, Miami, and New York. The more I saw on the screen, the more I felt I understood, the more I felt some version of those cities’ realities.

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[Infographic] 6 broker stereotypes, and the technology they may (or may not) be using

By Franco Faraudo on Oct 16, 2017

We all know them. The ex-athlete turned salesperson, reveling in the thrill of the deal. The former accountant who tracks every expense and detail, making sure nothing falls through the cracks. The career broker who still writes everything on paper.

Now let’s take a look at these common characters to see how they’re using (or not using) technology to run their business, and how if affects their professional (and personal) lives.

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Boost your network with these 10 practices

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Oct 12, 2017

black-and-white-city-man-people.jpgStrong networks lay the foundation for successful businesses and prosperous careers. In the CRE world, networking is critical for finding new prospects and growing your client list. But many people dread the thought of introducing themselves to a group of strangers, or worse yet, speaking publicly.

Mastering the art of networking is a lifelong endeavor, and contrary to what some believe, it’s more than just aggressively handing out business cards. From starting right to making it a daily habit, following these tips will put you on the road to networking success.

Make follow-up easy with Prospect & Nurture

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The hurricane effect: How extreme weather impacts CRE

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 11, 2017

hurricane-harvey-320x252.jpgIt’s been a hurricane season unlike any other, with four major storms hitting U.S. shores within weeks of each other: first Harvey, then Irma, Maria, and Nate. In the calm between the lashing wind and rain, we’re stopping to ask: What exactly does this all mean for CRE?

Today, we’re taking stock of the impact these storms have had on commercial real estate in three affected regions. Here’s where things stand:

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7 interview mistakes to avoid and 5 things you absolutely must do to get the job

By Nell Gable on Oct 10, 2017

man-suit-hands-folded.jpgStudies have found that people decide whether or not they like you within seven seconds. That doesn’t give you much time to make a good first impression, especially when you’re in an interview situation.

Let’s face it, all you’re thinking about in that first seven seconds of a job interview is: Where do I sit? Should I have taken that glass of water? And what was the name of my interviewer again?

Interviews are high-stress situations. Even commercial real estate brokers or other salespeople, who are evaluated on their people skills, can stumble in their answers. Fortunately, like writing, delivering a killer sales pitch, or closing a deal—interviewing is a skill that can be learned with guidance and practice.

We polled seasoned HR representatives to determine what things you should definitely NOT say or do in an interview.

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7 office design mistakes to avoid at all costs

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Oct 9, 2017

office-space-milton-storage-320x213.jpgFrom the open floor plan to coworking spaces, offices are finally getting a much needed makeover. But when it comes to stellar office design, it isn't as simple as throwing in a slide or ping pong table and offering awesome perks (although that certainly doesn't hurt).

Effectively designed offices foster employee creativity, cut down on wasted time, and make businesses better. But as important as it is to update outdated offices and design new ones well, its equally important to avoid common office design pitfalls. From the usual culprits like poor lighting to less obvious problems like failing to differentiate space, avoiding these design mistakes will help ensure your office is a major asset to your business.

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3 strategies for women to succeed in CRE: An interview with Joanna Chango-James

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 5, 2017

women-business-suits-round-table-320x180.jpegWe recently explored why having more women in CRE can be a very good thing for business, and how brokerages can make themselves more attractive to women. Today, we’re taking a look at it from the opposite angle, with thoughts on how aspiring female brokers can position themselves to be more successful in the field.

For today’s insights, we turned to Joanna Chango-James, Phd., a psychologist and leadership consultant who helps women maximize their potential in the workplace. Here’s what she had to say.

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Who’s getting Amazon’s new HQ? Here are our predictions.

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 4, 2017

amazon hq2-320x213.jpgLast month, we got the big news: Amazon’s scoping out a second headquarters that could bring $5 billion in new construction and up to 50,000 new jobs.

Since then, cities have been fervently vying for the chance to land “Amazon HQ2,” submitting their bids ahead of the October 19th deadline set by the company.

So what’s in it for cities willing to offer up tax incentives, relocation subsidies, donated land, and more—like renaming themselves Amazon? If the past is any indicator, Amazon HQ2 could be a success story similar to Seattle’s, where the company has generated an estimated $38 billion in indirect investment between 2010 and 2016.

Could your city be the lucky one to land HQ2? Let’s take a look at who’s got the best shot, who’s in the running, and who may ultimately win.

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3 types of prospects that should be on your call list

By Russ Duncan on Oct 3, 2017

man-suit-tie-phone-320x256.jpgThe value of your services as a commercial real estate broker lies largely in your relationships—and by extension, the database that keeps them organized. To make meaningful connections with the important people in your market, you have to know who they are, their portfolios, their networks, their past behavior, etc. You have to be an expert on your market and all the properties and people in play.

There is so much information to track, and while there are a lot of data services out there to help you get started, they’re all imperfect. You have to gather and maintain your own data if you want to succeed.

The good news is if you’re diligent about building your database and keeping it up to date, it can pay huge dividends.

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18 apps that should integrate seamlessly with your CRM

By The Apto Team on Oct 2, 2017

Real-Estate-Technology-090383-320x227.jpgWhen writing about broker productivity and management, we sometimes use the term “tech stack,” which refers to a set of tools that helps you do the core parts of your job. That includes a system for customer relationship management, prospecting, marketing, etc.

It can be overwhelming to evaluate and optimize for each process, and we do urge you to keep it as simple as possible. There are many products out there that can cover a lot of bases at once. And those core products often can and should integrate with easy-to-use apps and other tools to keep your workflow centralized.

Apto, for example, gives you access to thousands of business apps from the Salesforce AppExchange. Here are 18 of the most popular broken down by category.

Request a demo of Apto today 

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