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Christian Bellofatto

Christian is one of Apto’s product managers, meaning he is completely dedicated to making our software the best it can be. When he’s not digging into user workflow or reading up the economics of product development, he’s lifting a kettlebell or crashing his bike.

Recent Posts

New feature alert: Apto Mobile now with Listings

By Christian Bellofatto on Jun 29, 2017

listings.pngA few months ago, we made it easier for our customers to take their brokerage platform with them anywhere. Apto Mobile was designed to optimize the tasks commercial real estate brokers need to complete when they’re away from their desks—giving them their to-do list, properties, and contact information.

Now, brokers can access listings on the go, as well.

How it works

Let's say you get a call when you're out in the field: one of your contacts has some questions about one of your many active listings. She wants to know the price per square foot, which you can't recall off the top of your head. Instead of telling her you'll get back to her, you look it up quickly in Apto Mobile and have the answer immediately. Then you can log the call right from the listing for easy reference and reporting later.

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Announcing the new Apto Mobile App

By Christian Bellofatto on Mar 16, 2017

Apto Mobile App - Properties.pngWe were so excited to announce our brand-new, completely reimagined user experience earlier this month that we decided to let you know about something else awesome.

The new Apto Mobile App.

If you’re an Apto customer, it’s now easier than ever to take the power of the industry's leading deal management platform with you. We optimized the app to give you what you need when you’re away from your desk, so you’ll save time and be more prepared and productive wherever you are.

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[Video] Our favorite Apto features: Listings Activity Report

By Christian Bellofatto on Jun 6, 2016

When you’re working a deal, how do you communicate your progress to clients? Do you have reports, status calls, visuals of some kind?

Apto can make all that a lot easier. Product Manager Christian Bellofatto explains how.

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Our favorite Apto features you might not know about: Contact relationships

By Christian Bellofatto on Mar 28, 2016

Let’s say you’re getting ready to pitch a new client. There’s a lot of prep work to be done and potentially some politics to navigate.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out whether any of your colleagues have had dealings with the company? Maybe Janice down the hall is in Rotary Club with your main point of contact. Or maybe Bob lost a deal with them two years ago and can tell you why that went off the rails. Any bit of additional information on the company’s culture, needs and situation can give you an edge.

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