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Darius Artiola

Darius Artiola is a digital marketing and sales consultant at inMotion Real Estate Media. After graduating from The University of Arizona with degrees in Sociology and Spanish Literature, Darius spent the last decade working in the marketing sector, specifically with, SEO, digital marketing, and marketing automation. For more information, visit https://www.inmotionrealestate.com/

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Broker expert perspectives: Modern technology and marketing strategies to stay competitive in CRE

By Darius Artiola on Jul 18, 2019

_evstratov_-InsHJ5sg2vc-unsplashIt’s easy for me to sit here and say that it would behoove every commercial real estate broker to implement a CRM. CRMs not only provide a foundation for staying organized, but also help companies maintain the competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing industry. However, my opinion only means so much. What about the people that are out there every day, working long hours and trying to close deals? The ones who have seen the industry evolve and witnessed new top players emerge on the scene? What do they really think?

Below you’ll hear from five brokers around the country who possess a wealth of experience and provided their insights about modern technology and marketing strategies in today’s CRE industry.

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