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Elizabeth Mixon

Elizabeth Mixon is a professional PropTech writer who is an expert on industry trends and helps educate readers about their market. Check out her page at https://foxtrotwriting.com/hire-me/

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5 quick ways you can boost your reputation (and win more deals) with CRE technology

By Elizabeth Mixon on Feb 11, 2020

Are you looking to be the top broker in your area? Or, do you want to stay on top? 

andrew-neel-cckf4TsHAuw-unsplashWhile your competitors are putting data to work, prospecting more effectively, and winning more deals with a variety of CRE tech tools – what are you doing? While your competitors are gaining a reputation for being tech-savvy, responsive, and fast-moving – are you gaining a negative reputation for not keeping up?

If you don’t use CRE tech, you’ll be left behind by your competitors with superior tech tools. And, your reputation will suffer. But, adopting CRE tech now will help give you the advantage and bolster your reputation.

Wondering how? Read on for 5 quick ways to boost your reputation with CRE tech – and win more deals. 

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