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Are you making these 10 common networking mistakes?

Networking is one of the best ways to find a job, discover new prospects, and grow your career. When done incorrectly, it’s one of the easiest ways to waste your time.

Everyone knows networking is important, but despite their best efforts, many people consistently go about it the wrong way. Much more than simply the means to land a new job or grow a client list, networking is the lifelong practice of building mutually beneficial relationships.

From focusing too much on collecting business cards to failing to help others, avoid these common networking mistakes and your hard work will finally start paying off.

Glorified LEGOs? Deconstructing the latest trend in CRE + 4 examples

Modular construction could revolutionize the commercial real estate industry. From hotels to highrises, developers are turning to prefabricated buildings to complete projects faster, bypass the construction labor shortage and decrease costs.

While building something one place and assembling it in another is hardly a new idea, there are many misconceptions surrounding modular construction and its role in the industry. But thats beginning to change, and whether its a new Marriott hotel or a multifamily building in Brooklyn, modular construction is here to stay.

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10 of the most beautiful train stations around the world

Whether part of your daily commute or simply where you catch your ride to the airport, weve all spent time in train stations. Unfortunately, all too often that time is spent in an old dreary building that were grateful to get away from.

But not all train stations are like that, and from London to New York City, these 10 train stations are as much works of art as they are centers of transportation. They’re part of the CRE landscape of the city, and any architectural wonders in your city are worth your attention.  

Q&A: Anthony Grosso of First National Realty Partners on building private equity success in CRE

Four and a half years ago Anthony Grosso co-founded First National Realty Partners in suburban New Jersey. Today, his private equity firm has a team of over 20 professionals and manages a substantial portfolio of retail, office, industrial and multifamily assets.

From building a private equity firm from scratch to finding the perfect deal, Anthony shared his experiences on what it takes to succeed in the world of CRE.

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Why office design is incorporating spaceship technology

Not all office space is created equal. Employees are more productive when they are happy and healthy, and that’s why companies are always trying to make their offices better.

While stellar office design helps employees do their best work, some businesses are moving one step beyond design and focusing on technology. From controlling indoor air pollution to optimizing temperature and lighting, modern offices are using spaceship-esque technology to increase worker productivity.

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Boost your network with these 10 practices

Strong networks lay the foundation for successful businesses and prosperous careers. In the CRE world, networking is critical for finding new prospects and growing your client list. But many people dread the thought of introducing themselves to a group of strangers, or worse yet, speaking publicly.

Mastering the art of networking is a lifelong endeavor, and contrary to what some believe, it’s more than just aggressively handing out business cards. From starting right to making it a daily habit, following these tips will put you on the road to networking success.

Make follow-up easy with Prospect & Nurture

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7 office design mistakes to avoid at all costs

From the open floor plan to coworking spaces, offices are finally getting a much needed makeover. But when it comes to stellar office design, it isn't as simple as throwing in a slide or ping pong table and offering awesome perks (although that certainly doesn't hurt).

Effectively designed offices foster employee creativity, cut down on wasted time, and make businesses better. But as important as it is to update outdated offices and design new ones well, its equally important to avoid common office design pitfalls. From the usual culprits like poor lighting to less obvious problems like failing to differentiate space, avoiding these design mistakes will help ensure your office is a major asset to your business.

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How the top 10 U.S. office markets ended Q2

U.S. office markets stayed strong over the course of Q2. That’s according to Colliers International’s Top Office Metros Snapshot, which said most major markets are in position to keep the momentum going into next quarter.

While six top markets experienced negligible changes in rent, rents advanced in four and absorption rose in six. Despite solid results during the quarter, Colliers said the combination of tenant downsizing and new supply is likely to increase vacancy rates down the road. From Manhattan to Seattle, here’s how the nation’s top office markets finished Q2.

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8 of the tallest buildings currently under construction

Cities are getting taller. Skylines are growing as developers and architects push the limits, yet when it comes to height, the world is not advancing at an equal pace.

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Office overbuilding: Will it be a problem over the next two years?

The U.S. economy experienced soaring equity markets, growing consumer and business confidence and steady job creation over the last six months. While that’s certainly nothing to complain about, experts are increasingly wondering if recent economic success combined with shifting dynamics in the labor market puts office markets at risk of overbuilding.

Cushman & Wakefield published office forecasts for more than 100 global cities to judge the risk of overbuilding. From saturated top markets to booming secondary markets, developers, and investors alike face risk and opportunity over the next two years.

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