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8 of the tallest buildings currently under construction

Cities are getting taller. Skylines are growing as developers and architects push the limits, yet when it comes to height, the world is not advancing at an equal pace.

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Office overbuilding: Will it be a problem over the next two years?

The U.S. economy experienced soaring equity markets, growing consumer and business confidence and steady job creation over the last six months. While that’s certainly nothing to complain about, experts are increasingly wondering if recent economic success combined with shifting dynamics in the labor market puts office markets at risk of overbuilding.

Cushman & Wakefield published office forecasts for more than 100 global cities to judge the risk of overbuilding. From saturated top markets to booming secondary markets, developers, and investors alike face risk and opportunity over the next two years.

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Coworking isn’t just for startups. Here’s what brokers should know.

WeWork began attracting large companies to its desks in May of last year. Now, those companies represent its fastest-growing business.

Large companies increasingly value maintaining a number of coworking desks for added flexibility, networking opportunities, and, if for nothing else, to keep an eye on startups. From WeWork’s changing customer base to an increased focus on amenities, evolving trends in the marketplace position the office sector for another wave of disruption.

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Senior housing market update: Overbuilding, market saturation, and the year it will all tip

Senior housing market valuations peaked at the end of 2015, but since descending from that high investors have struggled to agree on the sectors future. While Millennials overtook Baby Boomers as Americas largest generation last year, Baby Boomers remain an enormous generation and number some 76 million individuals. Many of those people are approaching ages where they are more likely to use senior housing services, and that demographic shift promises to accelerate demand in the senior housing industry.

But the story isnt that simple. The sector is experiencing headwinds as critical markets become overbuilt, yet experts dont agree on the severity or scope of the problem. While short-term and long-term prospects in the sector differ, investors who understand the evolving dynamics at play are well positioned to take advantage of market opportunities.

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What to know about the 3 disruptive technologies gunning for your job

From cashiers to car washes, weve watched technology reshape industries and eliminate jobs through increased automation.

While many of us may have thought more complex roles and industries would remain sheltered from increasingly advanced technology, a recent report by Remit Consulting said 88% of the core tasks performed by real estate service firms are ripe for technological takeover.

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6 commercial real estate podcasts you should be following

Commercial real estate is an evolving industry, and to stay ahead of the competition, its essential to stay on top of developing trends and market dynamics. While taking a class is a great way to learn new material, classes are expensive and most people in the industry are time-strapped enough as it is. Whether youre on your commute or at the gym, following the right podcasts is one of the most convenient ways to keep up.

When it comes to commercial real estate podcasts, the market is saturated with potentially helpful material. To sort through the mass, we put together a list of seven podcasts sure to benefit anyone in the industry. Take your continued education one step further and pair these podcasts with the right books and you are sure to stay ahead.

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7 essential books for commercial real estate professionals

From maximizing time to using the latest technology to unlock business opportunities, the most successful commercial real estate professionals are always hungry to learn. Reading the right books is one of the best and easiest ways to learn, and its far cheaper than taking classes.

There are thousands of real estate books out there, so to help thin the herd, we put together a list of true essentials. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or are entering the commercial real estate world for the first time, reading these books will make you better.

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Strong job creation drives demand for commercial real estate

For better or worse, the commercial real estate industry is fundamentally tied to the strength of the U.S. economy. In June the labor market created more jobs than expected, and while wage growth lagged, those new jobs will drive demand across the industry.

All sectors stand to benefit from increased job creation, but the office sector could gain the most — those new hires need somewhere to work, after all. At the same time, the multifamily market is heating up. That’s good news for owners but bad news for tenants, many of whom are struggling in tight markets plagued by a lack of affordable housing.

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Beyond Amazon and Whole Foods: What’s next for the grocery sector?

Amazons pending $13.7B acquisition of Whole Foods Market is bound to disrupt the grocery sector, yet the deal is not the only thing changing the $5.3 trillion dollar industry.

To understand what the industrys change means for commercial real estate, its essential to examine both the Amazon deal and other shifting dynamics, including the growth of online shopping and expanding discount grocers. From Amazon to evolving customer habits, the grocery sector is experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption.

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Human workplaces are replacing the traditional office

Workplaces are undergoing a metamorphosis. Open offices have replaced cubicles at the worlds most successful companies and startups like WeWork have grown enormously, pioneering the coworking revolution. To better understand the trend, JLLs new global studyWorkplace Powered by Human Experiencesurveyed workers globally to see how companies are reimagining workplaces to achieve strategic performance objectives. 

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