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Jeremy Dillingham

Jeremy Dillingham is Vice President of Product Management at Apto. A technology product management executive focused on bringing new and sustaining innovations to market within both SaaS and web-based applications, Jeremy is a resource for all things data and product management.

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What it means for CRE tech to be created by and for brokers

By Jeremy Dillingham on Jun 6, 2018

Apto screenshot 6-6-18It all started with a broker and a spreadsheet.

Or in reality, probably many spreadsheets. Tanner McGraw founded Apto in 2012 after 10 years as a broker, many of those at Marcus & Millichap. The product evolved from his own frustration with the technology—or lack thereof—that he needed to do his job well.

Today, Apto has grown and evolved well beyond our bootstrapped beginnings. And one of our biggest areas of investment has been in our product development team. Tanner still lends his expertise as Chief Strategy Officer of Apto, but not everyone working on the product has a decade of experience working in commercial real estate.

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To put the broker workflow at the center of what we build, the product team needs to talk to brokers. In person, on the phone, on the street, via email—the communication is constant and the channels varied. And it seems only fitting that we approach a relationship-driven industry by trying to build our own relationships with customers and non-customers alike.

When we say we were created by and for brokers, we’re not just referring to our founder’s origin story. Here’s how we make sure our CRM and sales tools are built for you.

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