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Jesse Grossman

Jesse Grossman is the CEO of 1H Recruiting, a team of specialized recruiters helping companies chart a new course in their hiring. With a strong belief in “keeping hiring personal”, 1H offers an entirely new way for growing companies to engage with professional, skilled recruiters to fill in their hiring gaps. Learn more about the team’s story and how they save companies time, money and headache while recruiting top-notch talent. www.Hire1H.com

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3 ways to use culture to attract and retain top broker talent

By Jesse Grossman on Oct 4, 2018

Company-Culture-320x213If you’re growing your broker team, finding and retaining the right talent can be tricky. In any trade where commissions are involved, salespeople have to walk a fine line between their obvious financial motivation to make a sale and the client’s best interest. And thanks to deal cycles that can span years, brokers especially have to make large investments in establishing rapport with everyone involved.

At the management level, it’s your job to empower the sales team to cultivate the relationships that drive revenue. An environment that attracts and retains top brokers comes down to an investment in company culture. If your employees are happy, motivated, and working towards a common goal, then you’ve unlocked the key to a productive workforce.

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