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Josh Haas

Josh is a Senior Product Manager at Apto. He’s spent a decade working at start-ups in the insurance, banking, healthcare, legal and commercial real estate industries in various product roles. Josh says, “I’ve naturally gravitated towards this line of work because it allows me to experience nearly every aspect of the software life cycle. I’m constantly researching and talking to customers, working with engineers, arming our sales and marketing teams with the latest, coordinating with customer support, etc. You name it, I get to be involved at some level. I also enjoy the challenge of taking a pain point from a customer and turning this into functional software that provides value. At heart, all of us product folks are problem solvers.”

Recent Posts

Meet Apto Data: Property data built right into your CRM

By Josh Haas on Oct 29, 2019

We live in a world of data. In the arena of commercial real estate, this has never been more true. At Apto, we know our customers spend a ton of time sourcing property data. They might be pounding the pavement, mining old deals, or purchasing data from a number of sources.

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We spent a week with NAI Partners. Here’s what we learned about the secrets to their success.

By Josh Haas on May 22, 2018

Last month, we had the pleasure of visiting NAI Partners at their Houston office. It was great to get back to Apto’s roots, given that we started off in the Woodlands, Texas before making the move to Denver.

We brought a team of three Apto employees from Product & Engineering with the intention of learning how NAI Partners is using Apto and what we could improve. Little did we know we’d be walking away with insight into how one of the best-in-breed brokerages has become, and stayed, so successful.

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