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Kalin Kelly

Kalin Kelly is a partner at 357 Investments and works as a “Founder’s Broker.” She exclusively represents local and international clients on the purchase or lease of commercial property in San Francisco, advises start-up companies in their bottom-line workspace decisions, invests in aspiring purposeful companies and utilizes commercial real estate knowledge to create a more genuine version of brokerage.

Recent Posts

Strictly social: How to build a broker brand

By Kalin Kelly on Sep 28, 2016

black_and_white_building-854038-edited.jpgThere are many ways to win business as a commercial real estate brokerit all depends on what type of broker you want to be.

You can be the broker that flyers buildings…spending your lunch break evading lobby guards while sneaking into properties to leave your “call an expert now” message, hoping the facilities manager sees it at the precise time that the company is ready for a move…

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Not just another suit: The 5 'P's of being a successful Millennial broker

By Kalin Kelly on Mar 24, 2016

photo-1455594408994-253112b1b26e.jpegSo you want to be a tenant real estate broker? You’ve heard how lucrative commercial real estate is, you’ve seen the big deals signed in the papers and everywhere you turn there’s another building being built. But how do you get started, and better yet, how do you do it right?

Below are 5 “P”s to ensure you’re not just another suit.

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