Kandi Jaeger

Kandi Jaeger

Kandi is the Executive Office Administrator for SVN - RICORE Investment Management, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH. She supports office operations as well as strategic marketing and product branding.

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Phonin’ it in: How a CRM/phone integration makes our lives easier

Phone calls are the bread and butter of my brokerage, SVN-RICORE Investment Management: they fuel efficient prospecting and relationship building. When we switched to a new CRM, integrating our phone system with the new technology was high on our priority list. I’m the Office Manager and Executive Administrator for 10+ brokers, so it was my job to get everything up and running.

Topics: Efficiency

How to tech-train your brokers: Tips from a system admin [Guest Post]

I recently shared some best practices on importing your data into a new CRM, but no matter how clean and organized your data is, it won’t matter if your brokers and staff don’t know how to use it.

We’ve all been there. It can be difficult to learn and adopt a new technology. To alleviate the growing pains, it often helps to provide a thorough training.  

Below you’ll find out how we handled the new CRM training at SVN-RICORE Investment Management, Inc.

Topics: Best Practices Efficiency

Moving data to a new CRM: A system admin’s advice [Guest Post]

I’m the Office Manager and Executive Administrator for 10+ brokers at SVN-RICORE Investment Management, Inc., which recently decided to switch to a new CRM system. I’ve had years of experience as a Salesforce administrator, which was a big help when it came time to get the process started.

Topics: Best Practices Efficiency