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Lindy Curtis

Lindy is a Customer Success Manager at Apto. Outside of work, you can usually find her introverting in her garden or buried in a book.

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5 ways to increase commercial real estate technology adoption

By Lindy Curtis on Sep 26, 2019

eva-blue-e9hbo4NtKJ0-unsplashSo you've finally taken the plunge and purchased a commercial real estate CRM. Congrats! However, convincing your team that it's time to get smart and start using CRE technology is only half the battle. Implementing a CRM, no matter your industry, is notoriously challenging.

Throughout my career of rolling out technology within commercial real estate firms, I often see recurring trends that either inhibit tech adoption or drive it. Those companies that are successful make technology part of their culture and identify as forward thinking companies that are striving to differentiate themselves from their competition. They are the ones that embrace change rather than using systems that have been in place for decades. 

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