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Michael Bevan

Michael is the Vice President of Marketing at Apto. In his free time he enjoys looking at Twitter, reading fiction, and spending time with his family.

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How Apto marketing follows you around the internet, and 10 things to know about paid ads

By Michael Bevan on Mar 12, 2019

black-white-buildings-320-213Every now and then, we’ll get an email from a broker who’s had about enough with Apto ads.

“Please take me off your list!!! I see your ads everywhere.”

We even got a similar email from someone in the commercial real estate industry who markets herself as a thought leader and digital marketing expert. This person didn’t understand paid advertising either.

The thing is: it’s just not that simple for us to “turn off” those ads off for any one person, across multiple platforms. That’s just not how it works. It’s not an excuse―it’s digital advertising, and if you want to use it to your advantage as a broker, then there are a few things you should know.

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When that hotline bling: How to win more deals with systematic prospecting calls

By Michael Bevan on Mar 15, 2016

hotline-bling.jpegSustained success in commercial real estate is all about building relationships and winning new business. But it’s not about simply finding the next new deal. It’s about creating a process that yields new deals constantly and somewhat predictably.

Topics: Efficiency
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