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Paul Graham

Paul Graham is passionate about connecting real estate and technology. He’s been an entrepreneur since a young age (he started selling key chains to classmates in third grade), and now owns a condo and a motorcycle.

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Where marijuana is legal now and why it matters for brokers

By Paul Graham on Dec 7, 2016

marijuana-vote-825604-edited.jpegIn 2016, we wrote about why brokers should be proactive about pot.

Now that we're past the election, we wanted to provide a quick update to make sure you know where things stand in your market.

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Brokers, it’s time to be proactive about pot

By Paul Graham on Sep 27, 2016

150604101844-marijuana-store-780x439-097401-edited.jpgThere are two things you should know about me: I’ve spent a lot of time learning about commercial real estate and talking to brokers, and I grew up and still reside in Colorado.

These two facts give me a unique view into a new niche that’s growing (literally) around the country, though it has roots in my state. The legalization of medical and then recreational marijuana has created a lot of change and a brand new specialization for the commercial real estate industry.

Topics: Industry News
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