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Samuel Toriel (Engineering Manager)

I am a software developer with an avid appreciation for tools and automation. My ideal work environment is one focused on product development, non-siloed workflows, pull request based code reviews, and developers owning DevOps / QA. I believe in creating development environments that help developers get up to speed and working as fast as possible. I like testing my code and using CI/CD for any project I work on. I have worked on the majority of the webstack doing Backend, Frontend, DevOps, and QA. I have worked in environments that were multi-datacenter with long lived infrastructure and I have experienced immutable infrastructure with microservices.

Recent Posts

[Inside Apto] How we built Apto Maps

By Samuel Toriel (Engineering Manager) on May 10, 2018

Here in Apto’s engineering department, we’re completely focused on creating a product that helps brokers manage their workflows in more efficient ways.

When working with property data, for example, it’s valuable to be able to visualize the relationships of where properties are on a map. So we built Apto Maps.

Here, we’ll give you a peek behind the curtain so you can see how we created this tool and how it can help brokers be more efficient.

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