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Tanner McGraw

Tanner is the founder of Apto and a commercial real estate veteran with a decade of brokerage experience. Before Apto, Tanner served as Vice President of Healthcare Advisory Services at Transwestern and as a Senior Associate at Marcus & Millichap.

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The KPIs every broker must know (but probably doesn’t)

By Tanner McGraw on Nov 22, 2016

broker-graphs-300228-edited.jpegThis article first appeared in Real Estate Tech News.

As much as we like to think that sales is about relationships, it is really a numbers game. Brokers that acknowledge this can add a degree of predictability to their business by analyzing and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).

Unfortunately, many brokers ignore the importance of these metrics, measure the wrong or incomplete information, or lack a system for tracking results. That’s a shame, since brokers can use KPIs to prospect better, grow and improve their business, and forecast with more confidence. Here’s how.

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5 reasons why we’ll always need CRE brokers

By Tanner McGraw on Nov 8, 2016

broker_prisma_Fotor-201294-edited-289576-edited.jpgNote: This article first appeared in GlobeSt

There’s a lot of prattle about new technology that allows sellers to communicate directly with buyers or renters, without the intervention or assistance of a broker. It makes for good reading, but its threat to the commercial real estate industry is often overstated. We will always need commercial real estate brokers, particularly those with extensive property and market knowledge and shrewd negotiation skills.

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Think narrow: Why commercial real estate brokers should specialize

By Tanner McGraw on Aug 25, 2016

Commercial_Real_Estate_Broker-177910-edited.jpgApto founder and CEO Tanner McGraw recently wrote an article for RealtyNewsBiz on how commercial brokers can find a specialty and grow their business by defining a unique value proposition. Read an excerpt below.

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How to segment your clients for more effective prospecting

By Tanner McGraw on Jul 15, 2016


Apto founder and CEO Tanner McGraw recently wrote an article for NREI on how commercial brokers can use client segmentation for more effective prospecting. Read an excerpt below:

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6 tips for owning your CRE market

By Tanner McGraw on Jun 16, 2016

Own_your_cre_market.jpegApto founder and CEO Tanner McGraw recently wrote a guest blog post for PICOR CONNECT on how commercial brokers can prioritize their limited time and resources to maximize earnings. Read an excerpt below.

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16 Killer Business Development Strategies for CRE

By Tanner McGraw on Jan 21, 2013

To be a successful broker you’ve got to find new opportunities.  Here at Apto, we’ve picked up a few along the way and wanted to toss a few your direction. 

Some of these are obvious; others not so much. But perhaps you’ll find a few killer strategies to keep the pipeline full. Most of these strategies assume that you have a property database with related owners and tenants.  If not, give us a call we’ve got a few ideas there, too. 

CRE Ideas

1. Market/Submarket

Own your market.  

I am sure you’ve never heard that before . If you know your market inside and out,  tracking everything on-market, sales comps, who owns what, etc., you’re the goto guy.  

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Solving Commercial Real Estate CRM Problems

By Tanner McGraw on Jan 7, 2013

Where to begin? Well, this company really began when my brokerage team started looking for a better commercial real estate CRM.

We started with Simple Remote...no longer in business. Then onto Realhound—lots of great ideas but buggy and poorly supported. REA? Check. REThink? Check. Truth is that we were a tad picky, but the functionality and design we desired seemed to us to be something any commercial real estate CRM should have.

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