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Tim Randall

Tim Randall has been in Communications, Public Relations and Content Development for over five years. Core competencies include: media relations, content creation, branding, B2B, and stakeholder engagement. Industry experience encompasses: commercial real estate, healthcare, finance, food and restaurant, IT, technology services, and more. Tim has written hundreds of commentaries, whitepapers, media alerts, press releases, internal communiques and other content deliverables. He contributed to such leading sites as Commercial Executive, Arizona Executive Magazine, and Ten-X.

Recent Posts

The new economics of CRE―financing options

By Tim Randall on Jan 19, 2017

Many metrics across the commercial real estate market are showing strong growth right now, particularly absorption rates, vacancies, construction pipeline and cap rate compression.

Most striking, though, are numbers on property pricing and deal flow. According to the research department at Ten-Xa platform that connects buyers and sellers worldwide, allowing them to search, list and transact properties online―the demand for commercial property continues to grow. The most recent report shows that quarterly volume has topped the $100 billion mark for eight straight quarters, with the most recent second quarter tally reaching $101.2 billion.

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The CRE sectors to watch in the coming months

By Tim Randall on Nov 29, 2016

buildings_10-19-16-148177-edited.jpegWe all know the main commercial real estate sectors: retail, multifamily, office, industrial, hotel. But do you know how they’re performing in terms of rent, absorption, vacancy, etc? In the second half of 2016, multifamily and office stood out from the rest.

It’s worth taking a closer look at these two sectors so brokers, lenders, owners, developers, buyer, sellers and managers can know what to expect as we head into 2017.

Topics: Industry News
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Is due diligence helped or hindered by the pace and availability of information? [Guest post: Tim Randall]

By Tim Randall on Oct 19, 2016

buildings_10-19-16-148177-edited.jpegThe commercial real estate industry is in the midst of a technological transformation—and no part of the process has been left untouched.

Just think of all the new leasing and management systems you’ve seen, the listing and search services out there, the data and analytics tools that promise to change everything. Or take a look at this map from CB Insights, a venture capital and angel investment database, to get an idea of all the different platforms and applications that are changing the way CRE is transacted.

Topics: CRE Tech
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