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Victoria Graham

Victoria is the Director of Marketing at WiredScore, the first and only provider of a standardized rating system designed to identify, evaluate and certify commercial buildings with the fastest and most reliable internet connections.

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The top 9 questions brokers get about building technology

By Victoria Graham on Mar 29, 2017

people-technology-buildingOur friends over at WiredScore have released a new (free) ebook, 9 Questions Tenants Ask Brokers About Building Technology. Since it’s written for commercial real estate brokers, we thought you might like to check it out! Learn more and read an excerpt below, or go ahead and download it now.

Why brokers need to learn the basics of building technology

Just how fast is the internet? Will we need to pull fiber into the building?

Topics: CRE Tech
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What really matters in an office property (hint: it’s not brick and exposed beams)

By Victoria Graham on Sep 19, 2016

buildings-lights-898970-edited.jpegThe movie Office Space suggests that every office is alike. And it can probably feel that way much of the time.

You probably have a ready-made checklist of important features your client will care about, whether you’re a landlord rep selling a space or a tenant rep looking for the perfect spot. You’ll consider location, security, transportation options and proximity to amenities, while tenant reps will also try to balance cost efficiency, company image and talent acquisition.

But there’s a big feature that many brokers consider only briefly: internet connectivity. It’s almost an assumption at this point that a business tenant will be able to choose from a number of different internet service providers to get everything set upand that once connected, service will remain uninterrupted.

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