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The Best of Commercial Real Estate | Demographic Services

Apr 9, 2013

Vendors for Commercial Real Estate needs,can be vast, but finding the best may be a little more difficult.  Here are some top notch commercial real estate demographic service providers, that you should look into.


With MapInfo, Commercial Real Estate professionals are able to better maintain a clean database filled only with the clients’ most up-to-date addresses, and related data information; additionally, with the use of geodemographic segmentation, users are able to easily create profiles to compare and analyze client lifestyles and purchase behaviors.

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With MapInfo, you are able to easily gather and use the data related to your customers to produce 3D visualization patterns that help you in predicting their next move.  Intelligently drive sales goals, marketing campaigns, and the collection of customer data with MapInfo.


Needing to gather demographic estimations and projections related to your commercial properties? With GeoLytics you are able to view up to five year predictions that identify expansion areas, community changes, and Census forecasts.  With GeoLytics market segmentation tool you are able to easily segment your customers’ profile which will allow for you to better take advantage of their trends and property needs.

Need more than a five year forecast? GeoLytics Normalized Data tool helps you analyze market, economic, and demographic changes by comparing data across time (from 1979-2000).  However, GeoLytics provides data back to 1960 for those who want to dig deeper into historical data.


Sitegeist is a mobile application designed by Sunight Foundation that gives you instant insight into your surroundings.  For instance, you can quickly reference demographic information, the average cost of rent, local commute trends, etc. 

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Although seemingly directed toward the more residential area of operation this application can be easily used by commercial real estate brokers to quickly access potentially valuable selling-point information.  For instance, average space pricing for the area or local spot desired in the area; all information obtained through the U.S. Census data and additional useful APIs such as Yelp!


For demographic information in the palm of your hand, Sitewise delivers location analysis, target marketing, municipal service planning, business and mapping data, and more.  With the use of United States Census data from 2000-2010 and Canadian Census data from 2006-2011, you always have the freshest data that allows for smarter decision making.

Sitewise uses the top four leaders in demographic information; Nielsen, STI, AGS, and Environics Analytics, providing demographic intelligence related to everything from consumer spending and business behavior to population, business spending, summary data, and more.sitewise resized 600

Also available in the iTunes store.


Using BAO’s intelligence center, Commercial Real Estate Professionals are better able to capitalize on specific market, company, organization, and contact information.  With this information, users are better able to optimize territories, increase productivity and sales, and create new market strategies.

With the use of BAO, you and your team are able to create a map of future sales opportunities that ultimately improves sales and quotas, strategic decision making, and the ability to leverage competitive intelligence.

BAO is mobile and is available on your Apple devices so you can continue to stay on top of your business intelligence which is generated in real-time and is continuously ongoing.

Available in the iTunes store.

Trade Area Systems (TAS) 

Designed specifically for retail real estate, TAS contains a huge database full of store locations, categorized by intent, for instance, apparel, auto dealer/parts, discount stores, drug stores, restaurants, specialty, etc.

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You can easily segment and retrieve information related to any property type, pinpoint and mark locations, create demographic reports and thematic maps, and view aerial and bird’s eye view photos. 

Any changes, additions, and related information are continually up-dated and made available either through TSA’s desktop platform or on their Apple application.  The server used, TAS Server, is built on an enterprise database, which ensures data is secure and easily manageable. 

 Available in the iTunes store.


Self-touted as the new “industry standard for retail touring and site selection” Sitehound makes available the ability for retailers, retail brokers and landlords to locate potential properties.  Whether with a client or scoping out the locations on your own, Sitehound uses instant comparisons of potential properties to provide you with the information you need to make smart, profit influencing, decisions.

Access real-time demographic information right to your iPhone or iPad; choose the property you are interested in, and tap the screen; at your fingertips you have access to all of the related, up-to-date, demographic information related to the properties you have selected.

Stellar Demographic service providers we missed? Let us know!

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