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6 Basic CRE CRM Features You Should Be Using, But Aren't.

May 14, 2013

Your Commercial Real Estate CRM has a lot of functionality which plays a large role in making your brokerage business more efficient.  What we have realized though, is many users aren’t taking advantage of some of the most basic features of their CRM that make life so much easier.  These are the features that if you aren’t using, you should be.  And if your CRM doesn’t have these features, give us a call.

1.       Email IntegrationApto CRM Email Integration

Whether you are using Salesforce for Outlook or another integrable app from the Appexchange, integrating your email with your CRM is just smart for business.  Email integration syncs your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks seamlessly into your CRM.  No longer are you missing important emails or having to switch to your email just to check your calendar; with email integration you are able to do this all within your CRM making you better able to stay on track to what needs to be sent, scheduled, and tracked.  All correspondence is effortlessly tagged to the contact, opportunity, or account associated with the interaction.  Interactions are then automatically tracked all within Salesforce.  Stay on top of your brokerage business on your mobile device, desktop, on the road or in the office. 

2.       Mobility 

The mobility of your CRM is truly one of the THE best features your CRM can have.  Your ability to access the records critical to your business no matter where you are gives you the ability to keep your brokerage business moving in real-time.  You can collaborate with your team when outside of the office, retrieve real-time answers to critical questions, log calls, and quickly respond to leads, all from your mobile device.  

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This helps you decouple from the desk and be more proactive in your brokerage business.  The ability to leave operated successfully away from your desk is something that is a MUST in today’s commercial real estate culture.

3.       Task Automation [Workflows]

Make life easier and let your CRM foster your contacts, leads, and opportunities for you.  Workflows allow you to setup and activate triggers that keep your communications, tasks, and events moving at the speed you want.  When a lead comes in, you have the ability to immediately reach out by having and automated email be sent out either providing them with the next steps, or by reassuring them that you will be in touch shortly.  Want to set up a reminder?  Perhaps you haven’t heard from a contact in 30 days and you want to touch base and make yourself available.  Setup an internal workflow that will remind you of who you need to follow-up with. 

4.       Adding and Editing Fields and Layouts

The ability to add and edit fields and layouts makes what information you find relevant easy to find.  Why clutter up your contact, account, and opportunity records with fields that you don’t need or fields that aren’t relevant to your bottom line.  Especially when trying to act quickly, getting to the information that you need should be easy.  By taking advantage of the ability to customize your CRM, you have the ability to conduct, and close, business, more quickly. 

5.       The Appexchange

If you aren’t using the Appexchange, you are seriously missing out.  The Appexchange provides users with the ability to utilize the best of the best of integrable tech, which gives you an advantage over the competition.  If you haven’t seen our blog posts on available integrable tech, you should check it out. appexchange Apto CRM Features

From mapping resources, sales intelligence, mass emailing, deduplication, document storage, data cleansing, etc. you have at your fingertips the ability to make your life and your brokerage run smoother.  The integrable tech available in the Appexchange has been peer reviewed, rated, and is listed based on price, editions, and languages, making it easy to pick the technologies that would best support your business. 

6.       Dashboards 

Dashboards give you a quick view of your bottom line. View your pipeline growth, company performance, Lead Trending Report, Conversion Summary, and more.  You have the ability to customize the dashboard depending on your role, responsibilities, etc.  For instance, you can customize your dashboard to reflect the role of Sales Manager, Service Executive, Marketing Executive, or if you want a company overview you can set your dashboard to reflect the relevant company numbers by selecting the Company Performance Dashboard.  Never again are you in the dark about the growth of your business. 

Apto Dashboards Commercial Real Estate CRM


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Written by The Apto Team

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