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[Case Study] Aron Susman | TheSquareFoot

Jun 3, 2015

TheSquareFoot is a technology enabled commercial real estate brokerage serving the space needs of businesses across the country. Businesses can search for office space and then connect with TheSquareFoot’s brokerage team to tour spaces, get questions answered, and walk through the leasing process.

Each broker at TheSquareFoot is working with 15-20 clients at any given time so they knew right away they needed a powerful CRM to organize data and keep track of deals. TheSquareFoot has been using Apto since 2013, and I recently had the opportunity to speak with Aron Susman, the company’s Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer, about how Apto is used in their brokerage business.


What challenges did you face prior to using Apto?
Our main challenge is the high volume of deals our team is working on. Since we’re not prospecting in the traditional sense, each of our brokers are working with up to 20 clients at a time. We needed something that could quickly show us our pipeline but was also specific to CRE.  We had used a couple other CRMs in the past but they weren’t commercial real estate specific, and they weren’t meeting our needs.  

How has Apto helped alleviate these challenges?
With Apto we’re able to track leads coming in, key clients, and closed deals all within one platform. We know when we need to be following up with clients, and we track those activities in the system. It’s also great to be able to understand where our deals are at in the pipeline. Each of our analysts and brokers are able to have their own customized dashboards which helps everyone stay organized.

How has Apto affected your business?
We use Apto in every area of our business; it’s integrated with our website and marketing system. I really like how malleable it is. The reporting options are very customizable, and our Apto org can evolve as our business evolves. For example, we track where our leads are coming from and we’re able to assign certain leads to the appropriate brokers. We’re also able to track the information we need on properties and spaces.

How has your overall experience been?
It’s been great! We’re really happy with the technology and also the service. I’ve worked with several members of the support team who are always available and helpful when we have questions. Meagan has been especially helpful in setting up our processes within Apto. We’re adding on two more users this month and plan to continue using Apto for our business. We would not be able to do our work without Apto!

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